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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 7, August 4th, 2023

Adama – Telos II – Chapter 7
Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today we are going to comment on chapter 7 of book II of Telos.

The main point of this chapter is the Violet Flame, the Flame of Transmutation, the Flame of Freedom. Master Saint Germain is the Chohan of this seventh ray and carries this liberating, transmuting flame to this planet at this time; being responsible for applying this flame so that planet Earth can ascend.

My brothers, each accumulated energy, each energy lived, of pain, of suffering, or practiced against oneself or against the other, creates a record in the universe, a unique record, and until it is transmuted, lasting. Every thought, every word, every action, every feeling, generates an energy. If it is within the standards of the Light, it will also return, but it will return bringing more Light. Any other vibration outside the standards of the Light, that is, any vibration with low intensity, is contrary to the Light, and these vibrations remain with those who generated them, they do not dissolve, they are not eliminated; they are accumulated.

Your souls are old, many incarnations on this planet, many experiences, and all generated energies accumulate in your souls. Theoretically, from one incarnation to another there should be learning, the non-repetition of those energies, so that in this way everything that was related to that type of energy would be modified. But with each reincarnation, there was no remembrance, and you just accumulated more similar energy.

But God the Father/Mother would never allow a soul to just get fat with bad energies without being able to clean them, eliminate them. The Violet Ray has this function of transmuting these energies into Love and Light. Yes, this is possible, as long as there is understanding, wisdom and learning in relation to each type of energy generated. And how to clean these energies? Learning the lessons with lots of Love. But it is necessary that, in addition to learning, all these energies be cleaned, because they would continue accumulated in the soul as dead, petrified energies, because they no longer have action; the action and reaction completed, the learning took place. Then they become internalized in the soul.

And how to clean all this? Through the Violet Flame. It is not difficult to call the Violet Flame, it is enough that you do it with a lot of Love and with a lot of desire to eliminate everything that is accumulated in your soul, but that no longer has any kind of action, it just stayed there as a result of everything you did. lived and transmuted. So ask the Violet Flame daily to transmute all those energies that were accumulated in your bodies, and that no longer have action, into Love and Light, so that your souls begin a cleaning process. Do this and you will see the difference.

Even those energies that you haven’t learned yet, the lessons that still keep coming back, ask the Violet Flame for help. No, it won’t eliminate your lesson, but it will certainly take away a lot of its intensity, so that you go through that lesson in a milder way, but necessary for your learning. Use the Violet Flame without limits, as many times as you like. Make your own invocations. You don’t need to follow anything ready. Listen to your hearts and make your own invocations. Work daily, at all times, with the Violet Flame, and you will see the total difference in your lives.

Let the Violet Flame guide your paths. Surrender yourselves to this infinite and wonderful flame, to this powerful ray. Call out to Master Saint Germain for help with the Violet Flame. Do the indicated meditation as many times as you want, but it is essential that you create your own daily invocations and learn to surrender to the flow, to surrender to the Light so that all the path designated by God the Father/Mother and by your Higher Self is fulfilled; not the paths your ego wants to follow, but those that will effectively lead your soul to evolution.

Believe me, don’t try to manipulate the path. Believe that the Light will bring what is necessary for your walk. Stop insisting on following what you think is right. Just follow what the Higher Self indicates, and use the Violet Flame to transmute any and all energy that might prevent you from following the correct path.