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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 8, August 8th, 2023

Adama – Telos II – Chapter 8 – 07 – 08 – 23

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Continuing our journey, I will comment on Chapter 8 of Book II of Telos.

Before starting this chapter I would like to make a recommendation. Many of you do not listen to your heart and look for solutions, support or miracles in everything that appears to solve your own problems. Listen to your hearts. Let yourself be carried away by what the flow of your souls brings. Do not try to overcome the obstacle by going around it, this is not wise, because up ahead it will come back more intense and more difficult to be transposed.

Do not see this journey as the way to solve all your problems. Many think that the simple fact of following something will clear the way, make it lighter. I can say that the lessons that need to be learned will be there, along the way. Yes, you can make them softer; softer in the sense of a full understanding of what needs to be done. I’ll give you an example here: your lesson is to climb 100 steps. Then many think that our help will reduce the number of steps. No. Our help will make you climb the 100 steps without getting tired. Is different.

Don’t think we’re going to eliminate anything. We just make it easier for you to go through it, but we don’t touch the lesson. So, do not try to follow this journey or any other with this intention, because you will achieve nothing, on the contrary, you will be accumulating one more problem in your path, due to your cleverness of wanting to get rid of everything without going through anything.

The meditations contained throughout this process are not mandatory. Learn to feel the heart. If you’re not ready for them, the result may be the opposite of what you’re expecting. Listen to the heart. Ask the Higher Self if you are ready for that meditation. Many do the meditation and get frustrated. It’s because? Because they see nothing, feel nothing, perceive nothing, and why? Because it wasn’t the time. You weren’t ready to be in our Temples yet. Understand it. And this is nothing that diminishes you in power or evolution, it’s just not your time yet.

It’s as if you were trying to reach the top floors of that pyramid, without having gone through the floors in between; as if you climbed the building from the outside without going up the stairs. When you reach the top nothing will happen to you, you will remain the same as you were on the floor you were on and you will return there. Nothing you will conquer. We have said here many times, learn to listen to the Higher Self. Don’t do things because the other did it, the other said it, the other thought it was good. Listen to your Higher Self.

When each of you understands that the journey is unique, it’s yours, and that you don’t need to be together with the rest, neither above nor below, but that you need to be at the point of your journey, then yes, you will learn to follow the flow normally, letting yourself be carried away by those waters, sometimes calm, sometimes revolting, but all within the correct time of your learning, of your evolution.

This journey is not just reading a book. Every time I come here I bring my energy too, and whoever listens to me with an open heart receives it and is transformed. Because this is my mission. I’m not coming here just to comment on the book for the sake of commenting, there is a mission here. And those who are letting themselves be carried away by the heart are living this moment very well. Don’t do it because the other does it. Don’t see because the other sees. Don’t listen because the other listens. Everything has to come from you. Hear, see and feel, through your Higher Self not others.

So back to the subject of this chapter, which is a subject that bothers many of you who are in the Third Dimension. Why does death exist, why do we lose people we love, why do some people go at the right time, others go drastically, others go ahead of time? Understand the following: Before incarnating, each soul defines its path, defines the lessons it will learn, defines the path it will follow, and defines the way it will leave the physical body. The word death says only the death and end of the physical body, not the soul; the soul does not die.

When she loses her physical body she doesn’t die, she remains a soul. And each soul chooses the moment to leave, the moment to leave this garment. And why are so many doing this? Because you don’t feel ready to face ascension at this time. They understand that they still have a lot to learn to be able to reach this stage. Are they souls without courage? Of course not, on the contrary, they are souls aware of their own capacity at this moment. They don’t see themselves ready yet, to ascend. How many reincarnations will they still have? It depends on the walk of each soul.

For those who stay, who lose a loved one, just realize that there is… like a journey, that they went to a place that you cannot be, but they are there, and there will come a day ahead that you can be. with them again. You have already incarnated and reincarnated many times, created bonds, and I’m not talking about karmic bonds here, I’m talking about bonds of Love. And that from time to time you meet again, in other ways, not necessarily as a family.

There are many ways for two souls who love each other to find each other again. Accepting grief is important, never repress it. But accept it not as the end of your life, as something that makes you lose your will to live. When this happens, think that the one who left will be suffering from seeing your suffering. Is this what you want, for him to suffer? Unless this is a big payback. Then I will say: Be careful with your feelings. But, on the contrary, the one who left wants to see you well, wants to see that you accepted his departure, and that you don’t blame anyone, not even God the Father/Mother for what happened.

There are ways, and ways, and ways for a soul to disconnect from the physical body, and some souls choose to be those executioners. Why? Walk of every soul. There are no judgments. There are souls that simply exist to be executioners; those who will take the life of that soul from that moment. Are they shadow souls? The vast majority yes, because they don’t care about what they do. They took this mission upon themselves, as if they were helping souls that need to leave. Someone would have to play this role. So there are no judgments regarding these souls, but they exist, and they often become executioners of many souls.

Of course this is not a divine walk, obviously not. But just as many souls are tasked with practicing the tests, these too have this mission. And why is it not a divine mission? Because Father/Mother God never chose to take the life of a child abruptly or prematurely, but this was the path that humanity took, and the souls wanted it that way, and within free will these souls choose to be the executioners of souls who need to go.

This is all too complex for you to understand, but certainly this is very Third Dimensional. But the subject here is acceptance of death. There is a decision of that soul to leave and there is also the other side, the passage through a very strong feeling of loss. It’s because? Because that soul also chose to go through this. So my brothers, everything happens within a balance. Just live each moment and believe, the bond is never lost, never broken, when it is a bond of Love; unless one of the souls so wishes, it disconnects from that other, never to connect again. It is a soul decision, but otherwise all the bonds of Love experienced by all souls remain, and indeed I can say that you have become one big family, just like us here in Telos. We no longer know who is related to whom, because we are all interconnected, and we feel exactly like that, like a big family, in which we can trust anyone we meet.

This day will come for you and you will be able to live good times, and miss all those who are gone and who were extremely loved by you. Grieve, but mostly accept that it was that soul’s choice to leave, and it was your soul’s choice to have this loss. Nothing happened by chance. Look at everything with Love, and the grief will surely pass much more easily.