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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 9 – by Adama, August 9th, 2023


Adama – Telos II – Chapter 9 – by Adama
Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Today we will continue our journey, commenting on chapter 9 of book II of Telos.

In this chapter we receive some beings from other realms. So this will be the focus of our subject today. What do you understand by beings? Just what you see, just the animals, the insects, even the microorganisms that you see through your microscopes? Does the universe come down to this? Father/Mother God in their infinite wisdom only looked at planet Earth, is that it? It seems a repetitive subject, but unfortunately many still think like this, that they are the only beings in the universe, that there is nothing beyond this planet, beyond human civilization.

I would say it’s a very egoic thought, a very rudimentary one, because to think that you’re alone and that you’re just a single thinking specimen in the entire universe is really something to be understood. Why so much difficulty in accepting that you are not alone? Your scientists study a lot. Many are mentored by us. Many philosophers, many beings with exceptional wisdom for the time were not mere humans, they were souls prepared to bring evolution and knowledge to humanity. And little by little, as time went by, the revelations began to happen. And why wasn’t everything revealed way back in ancient times?

I can assure you that much was already known, but there was never any interest in changing what had been taught. You believed what you were told, and the vast majority believe it to this day. But I’m not here to comment on the inability of many to open their minds, to expand their knowledge, on the contrary, I want to state that there have always been on this planet, and throughout the universe, various types of beings, and kingdoms.

You establish that the Animal Kingdom is everything that thinks, that has consciousness; the Vegetal Kingdom are the plants, they don’t think and don’t have conscience; the Mineral Kingdom much less, they are just stones that can be broken and scattered at will; but I can assure you that they all have a conscience. Each Realm is a living being, not in the way you were taught to understand. Each crystal has its function, each plant has its function on the planet, each microorganism has its function on the planet.

Keeping a planet like this in balance, with so much diversity of animals and plants, only the ability of God the Father/Mother could manage to create so much life, so much energy, so that everything would exist in balance. You will yet learn that there are realms of every kind, every variety of energies in the universe. You know very little. In your history books, many of these kingdoms are brought up as legends; legends or something that needed to be said that didn’t exist?

Many writers receive precious information and put in their books such thoughts that many times they don’t even know how they reached their minds, but that actually take you through worlds that you think are legend and history, but which are true worlds. When many people write movies, books, short stories, they think they are creating something totally absurd, but it is worth writing about it, because many of you like it, and why do you like it? Because your souls remember times where you were together with all of these that are mentioned.

There was a time when the forest was not just trees, elemental beings existed, or rather coexisted alongside humans, and you had their Love and partnership in whatever you wanted. The plants were very well taken care of because each being was committed to keeping them beautiful; animals did not serve man, they helped man with his tasks, but of their own free will, not by imposition, not by slavery. So I would say that you will still be very surprised to see many beings that in your books are imaginary, non-existent, and that many even today, even some with expanded minds, still insist on denying their existence.

I say to you: Everything is possible with Father/Mother God. There are no rules, rules that I say prevent the creation of a being that is necessary. No, Father/Mother God does not create the realms for sport or by will; each animal, each being has a function, it is as if they were responsible for something that happens, for a reaction, for a process within nature and within human beings. You have elementals within your bodies: water, air, fire and Earth, and they are the ones who keep all the balance and this whole set working.

Many find this absurd. So I would say open your hearts, open your minds because you will meet beautiful, beautiful beings that at some point, in some children’s book or in some movie, you have already seen. Yes my brothers, there are many kingdoms; In Intra Earth, there are many who maintain all the balance for the surface to live. You have no idea how hard we work to maintain Gaia’s balance on the surface. It’s a lot of Love energy fighting the energies, the thought-forms that you generate every second. If it weren’t for our performance, you would have a cataclysm every second, a result of the very energies that you generate.

Now is it just us, humanoids or humans? No. There are many kingdoms that are here within the Earth, each one doing its part, each one with its function, each one keeping its aspect in balance; and everyone at this time is focused on one end, to help humanity and planet Earth to ascend. Open your hearts, open your minds, and when you look at a crystal, don’t just see a lifeless stone with no reason to exist. There is an energy there, there is a conscience. In the same way, when you enter a forest, you don’t see only trees, there is a world of beings of various types, sizes and shapes reigning there.

Have respect where you enter, have respect where you walk. One day, very soon, you will have access to all these realms, and surely many will not believe what they are seeing.