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Adama – Telos III – Chapter 1 – by Adama, September 1st, 2023

Adama – Telos III – Chapter 1 – by Adama

Dear brothers! AM ADAMA!

Today with great joy we are going to start book 3 of Telos.

Starting today with chapter one, it’s a very important chapter. As I said I’m just bringing messages in relation to what’s in the book. I’m not going to quote the entire chapter here. I’m just saying it’s a very important chapter. Even those who still don’t have access to the book, the moment they do, read chapter one, but with an open heart, with a very expansive heart. And what is this chapter about?

In this chapter we talk about ascension, about the necessary steps for ascension. But I would like to say this: Are you all in the same class at school? No. Each of you can be in a class. Some in the more advanced classes, others in the initial classes. So everything that is written in the chapter, that series of guidelines that I gave, it is important that they are followed. But what would I say? There are several classes of students, but the test is unique, the test is only one. Then each class will do what it is capable of. And no, there is no award, there is no test score. There are only guidelines. There are only points of attention.

Then each class will do the exercise according to what they are prepared for.

to do it. Don’t try to go beyond your own limits. Another question: Is it mandatory to do that exercise? So let’s once again remember that we don’t oblige you to do anything. The choice is part of their lives. Free will is yours. So we can’t force anything. All that we go through are guidelines, they are small points of attention that you can look at and work on. And if you don’t look and if it doesn’t work what happens? You stop or you can even regress on the walk, because as you analyze those points, you manage to evolve, opening your consciences, expanding your hearts.

But, as I said earlier, you have a choice. Nothing is mandatory. But I deeply believe that everyone here is involved in what they are doing. Then he will do his best to at least look at those spots. But I repeat once again: Nothing is mandatory. I must tell you my brothers that the walk will become a little steep in your world, in your dimension. Everything is happening very fast within the planned speed, and all the answers from those who challenge everything will come at the same speed.

So the moment now is of great attention. Now is the time to look, listen, everything with the heart, so that you are not deceived. Everything will seem very real, but a lot will just be an illusion. So, you need to have self-control, balance. And see things with your heart. Let the heart speak. And if the doubt is too big, don’t keep it to yourself. Ask for the help of any Being of Light, and we will immediately show you if it is true or not. We will not let you remain in doubt, because doubt lowers your vibration. So it cannot be maintained.

Always remember this: We are all here. We, the intraterrestrials, the Atlanteans, the Beings of Light, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, all are with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask. “I can’t see if this is true, can you help me?” and we will immediately help. The important thing is that you look at everything with Love, so that the truth reaches your hearts. Fear nothing. Those who follow the Light fear nothing, because they know that even the difficult things along the way are lessons to be learned, and must be received with Love, not with fear, not with fear.

Go with the flow. Let the Light guide your path. Let the Light show the way. Avoid making choices. If the Light is in charge, you won’t have to make choices because it will clearly show you the way. If there are choices to be made, open your heart, because right now you are not allowing the Light to lead you, that’s why the doubt and the choice came. Let the Light lead you. Follow the flow of the river of Light. Do not try to stop on the bank. Don’t try to take shortcuts. Let the river of Light lead you, and you certainly won’t regret it. This I can guarantee.