Love is our new reality

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Adama – The Family in the World of Telos, June 30th, 2023


Welcome, I’m Adama from the crystal city of Telos. I greet you readers who are present and who wish to embark on the journey towards conscious freedom.

You are awake to the new presence in your life, you are awake to changes and many of the people who are aware of the fifth dimension, are aware of the tools and the presence in their world.

It is the presence of consciousness that brings the new creation into your life, when you talk to a person who carries the consciousness of light, then you feel the waves pass between your hearts, your body swells as you feel the purity and frequency that tunes into you.

The new presence is your ability to feel and allow yourself to move out of consciousness with physical survival, into consciousness with a relaxation that gives us inner peace, and this means an increased energy beyond all fear, anxiety or diminution.

The presence of consciousness from the dimensions of light is what gives you the renewal in your life, it gives you the knowledge that you are on the path to your fulfillment, it is what gives you abundance in your life, and it is embodied both in the physical aspect and in the emotional layers, which you want to express and fulfill as a connection with your twin flame.
Beloveds, we are facing two important portals in the bright summer months of the planet. The portal to the 7/7 gives you the ability to cleanse yourself from the steps of the last two physical years of your life, you can this portal day give yourself the calm, the connection with nature and once again observe your being fulfilled in physical and spiritual aspects, which is the expression you give your loved ones. This portal is to be celebrated together in the city of light Telos, in a unique gathering with my daughter Oelet and the society of Telos, directly from our home in Shasta.

We are waiting for the Lemurians, who are the group of messengers who are about to arrive, who have the ability to bring about several changes in the world of light, and each of the candidates who are destined to arrive have been carefully selected, and we are opening for the light messengers the crystalline portals to the highest light and consciousness that exist on the planet.
The presence of the new consciousness dear ones, is what gives you the ability to break through and fulfill.

On the day of the Lion Portal on 8/8, we celebrate together if you feel it’s time to break through and be.
In our light meetings together you rise above the surface layer and feel us, these feelings give you the ability to be in the choice of consciousness, in the new presence that is possible in these days for the light beings that have evolved above the surface of the Earth.

Many of you are aware that the surface population is facing change. Many will awaken, but there will be those who will remain in the consciousness of the third dimension and also choose to leave, and the gaps and changes between these two types of consciousness, will lead to many changes on the face of the earth.

You are loved, you have chosen, otherwise you would not be reading these lines, you chose to have your life on the surface of the Earth, but again you ask me, “Adama, tell me what my destiny is”.

And I say again beloved light, first you were candidates in the stages of ascension in your being, unconditionally giving, unconditionally accepting, in love, humility and devotion.

The steps to ascend are given, you cannot skip or pass by the others.

Do you see all the mirror images that are reflected in front of you, the reflections of the society where you are?

When you look in the mirror, how do you manage and heal the places that still need healing. They really still exist.

Understand and see that we are with you, therefore we established Telos Lemuria communities around the planet.
Are you interested in taking part in the exciting celebration of the days of light?

Please do not miss this, beloved ones, be with us, be with us in the presence of the new consciousness enveloping the planet.

We prepared the mountain for the unique group of summer 2023 – the freedom of consciousness is shedding its light over the surface of the planet these days.

Blessed are you, I am your brother Adama