Love is our new reality

Adamus via Kerstin Eriksson, August 4th, 2022

Adamus I am.

I love you, I am Adamus!

Many today say Adam, and that is how you know me.

Yes I am the Adam from Eden.

And it was a long time ago, but yet it is here and now.

And how can that be?

Time! Time and how time works!

What is time?

Time is both long and linear, but it is also circular.

There are many types of time.

And yet everything is here and now.

Eden was in another dimension, and not in the third dimension.

Eden was in the seventh dimension, and believe it or nor, you are moving toward this energy.

Everything is energy, a chair is energy, the sunlight is energy, your words are energy, your thoughts are energy.

Your body is energy, a little seashell on the beach is energy and it goes on and on.

All that has ever been is some sort of energy.

But the only energy that lasts forever is: love.

If you remain in the energy of here and now, together with your hearts gratefullness – you will reach many dimensions.

Being gratefull is the key to love and eternity. And the higher dimensions is solely based on love.

Every step you take is to learn, as I too have learned in all the different lives I lived. And all that remains is: love.

What you did for love remains! What you create with love remains! When you love yourself you are in your heart´s bliss, in gratefullness of existing.

In gratefullness lies everything important: love!

And I love you,