Love is our new reality

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Aita Chaneling Her Higher Self, November 14th, 2020

And so, today is Saturday, November 14th and our patience, our tolerance for waiting, is wearing thin.  We have worked so hard on our connection with Spirit.

We have examined our ego thoughts and rejected them.  We have  become aware of our words, of the way we express ourselves in this human world, of the way we address our brethren.

We do our best to be kind, to listen unconditionally, to radiate love to all that we see, to encourage and generate enthusiasm in our brethren.  For we know that unconditional love is unconditional listening, is communing with all around us honestly and authentically.

We no longer respond reactively to the denigrating words, the pokes and prods that our brethren so thoughtlessly put out.  For we know they cannot help it, for they are still in the ego entrainment, in the dream, the nightmare, the illusion created by the propaganda we have all endured.

We have deep compassion for them, for we see how embroiled they are in their negative indoctrinated falsely imposed thought system.  We understand that we cannot communicate with them, for we speak a different language than they do.  We speak the language of love and they speak the language of fear.

And we are now so aware of ourselves, we can see from a higher place, a higher frequency of love how we show up in the world, and how we influence all around us by the nature of our negative or positive thoughts, words and actions.

Our perceptions make up our reality.  That which we see and hear gives us our perceptions.  How we are taught to think and speak controls how we show up in our world, how we talk with our brethren controls how they respond to us.  And so, we manifest our inner vision as our outer reality.  We are indeed what we think.

Of all this we are aware, and we are watchful of every word that we speak.  We think before saying anything, for we wish to speak only words of love, words that will help lift our brethren out of the mire, the swamp of negativity that has ruled the planet earth experience.

We know now, in the deepest part of our being, that we are Divine.  We are the Soul within, not the human body or the ego.  Although we are grateful for both of these.

They have enabled us to partake of this human journey.  The ego has been such a blessing.  For it has led us to making mistakes that we needed for our learning greater love.  It has led us to separation from our brethren, it has led us to feeling superior, to looking on those around us with contempt.

We have believed that anyone with ideas different from ours was wrong and to be derided.  Not so, for all that each human being is taught, all that they go through is Divinely ordained and guided for their growth and understanding of greater love.

And it is within that Divinity, that source energy, that electro magnetic power that animates us all, that this human experience is taking place.

This human experience, this human life is just a blip in the eternal nature of our Divine reality.  It is a wonderful blip, a magnificent time. For despite all the apparent pain we endure, and indeed, because of that pain, we grow to rejecting just those behaviors, those ideas that give us pain.

We come to realize we have a choice.  We can choose fear or love.  Fear gives us pain and causes us to give pain to others.  For we project that fear out onto the world that we see.  And since our vision creates our reality, our life and our relationships are challenging indeed when lived from the ego, the fear point of view.

We are thus in poverty.  Poverty of mind, poverty of relationships and lack of abundance.  Our mindset out pictures to create the physical and psychological world in which we live.  And now we live primarily in the physical and psychological world of love.

So, here we are, newly awakened beings.  Humans who have lived through the earthly training simulator program imposed by the third dimensional fear paradigm.

We have lived through the chaos and confusion that the apparent separation from our Higher Self, our Soul has caused.  We have come to understand human life, planet earth as the schoolroom for Souls that it is.

And now we are saying “enough already.”  We are impatient.  “We are in the great awakening,” we say.  “There have been more than enough lies, there has been more than enough chaos, show us, let us see, finally, that the light has won.”

It is confusing to us that the old third dimensional world still seems to be going on in the same old way.  The dark ones are claiming victory where victory does not exist.They are continuing to tell lies, they seem to be winning.  and the light alliance seems to be doing little or nothing.

Oh, Dear brethren, dear Holy Ones, trust the plan.  Go within to your newly found knowingness.  Examine your heart, commune with your Soul and you will know all is well.

This is why it is so important to stay away from the main stream news.  For they spew outrageous lies and vitriol, to manipulate and coerce humanity into fear and confusion.

This is the subliminal, unconscious world that humans are manipulated and maneuvered by.  And this world is now lifting, for the nature of the manipulations is coming to the light.

Humanity is being shown the true nature of this earthly experience.  The dark controllers have had their time and their deadly, deeds, their corruption is clearly visible.

Yet they seem to go on and on.  The same people, the same lies, the same perfidy.  We are impatient, our tolerance is coming to an end, we are rightly, righteously indignant that this situation should continue.

We wish for authentic, honest communication with all our brethren.  We wish for release from the third dimensional fear frequency, and ascension into the fifth dimensional sphere of love and light and joy and bliss.

Trust the plan, Our Dear Ones, Trust the plan.  You know in your heart all is well.  You have known that this chaos must ensue to free mankind from his subconscious fear prison.  For mankind to see the corruption, the truth of his imprisoned reality.

In dwelling so much on the events, the details of the great awakening process, in concentrating on how the ascension is playing out in the material world, we are putting ourselves into fear and the fear vibration.

We are keeping ourselves from our joy, our contentment, from our love, from being the wonderful, magnificent high vibrational beings that we really are.

Choose joy, dear brethren, dear holy friends, choose joy and then again choose joy.  Doing what we love, being in the joy vibration takes us into the high light vibration of the fifth dimension, where we now truly belong.

Every moment of every day, think: “what would I enjoy doing now?  What will give me pleasure, what would have me be so happy in the doing of it, that I hardly notice what is going on in the world around me?”

It is by choosing what our Soul loves to do that we keep our loving energy high.  It is by choosing joy that we uplift the world around us.

When we radiate love and the joy and peace and gratification that that radiance provides, impatience and frustration cannot dominate, cannot arise.

So, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, do what you love, choose joy.  And so you will create the wonderful new world of love and light that is your true inheritance.  For we are indeed holy beings, we are love and light and we are even more so, we have come more deeply into the Divine vibration of love by the gift of this planet earth experience.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We are Blessed Beings Indeed.