Love is our new reality

Aita Chaneling Her Higher Self, November 12th, 2020

And so time moves on inexorably.  Each day of this great awakening time is different, unique and wonderful.  And you our Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds are day by day by day increasingly embodying the light, integrating the waves of love that are being shone onto the earth.

Each day you release more of the harsh, heavy third dimensional programming that has allowed you to experience the low vibrating entrainment of this material world.  You have been exemplary students in the planet earth training simulator program.

For that is what this human life is.  It is a training program for great Souls to learn greater love, to individuate their personalities, their talents preferences and abilities.  To learn what gives them joy and to follow their bliss.  To sort and sift the preferred and not preferred.

But this cannot be done, bliss cannot be reached until the fears, the confusion and the entrainment of this earthly life are released.  Humanity is so programmed.  Each word, each phrase, each idea that was repeated to us over and over again by those that welcomed us into this world, was instrumental in creating our reality.

We were told what and who we were.  We were told that as a human being we were inherently wrong and there was nothing we could do about it.

As our forefathers thought, so did our parents, for ideas and beliefs have been inexorably passed down from generation to generation.  That which we heard repeatedly, we repeat ourselves in our mind, in our thoughts over and over again.  So perpetuating the idea that we are just not good enough.

Our parents may well call us lazy, or stupid, or any number of negative words.  Then we, as we grow and gain independence, we keep repeating those same ideas about ourselves in our thoughts.

Mankind has been impressed with the idea that he is inherently evil.  He has been told that it is man’s inhumanity to man that is the root cause of all the bedevilment and cruelty in the world.

Not so.  That force that the Divine sent to earth to play the part of the devil, of evil, in this great Shakespearian comedy tragedy play that constitutes the planet earth experience, have conditioned us into thinking that we are the cause of all darkness, of all fear.

We have been taught to think we cannot resist temptation, that we are sinners.  We have been taught to think that all the disasters that have afflicted the world, all the wars, all the disease, poverty, hunger and homelessness is mankind’s fault.

Yes there is a portion of the beings on this earth that are indeed evil.  They are not human, they are playing the part of Satan in this great planet earth stage play. They are the dark controllers, the shadow government, the powers that be.

Yet they also are Divine..  And, as we, wonderfully loving Souls that we are, were called to this earth by the Divine, so too were our dark controllers.

The planet earth experience  is as a stage play. A stage play to learn greater love by the interaction of the dark with the light.  As Shakespeare so wisely said, on this earth, “all the actors are merely players: they have their exits and entrances; and one man, in his time plays many parts.”

In a multitude of lifetimes we have played many parts.  We have experienced being both light and dark, being service to self and service to others.

And, in the end we have discovered that service to others is our real joy.  Communion and camaraderie, oneness, honesty and authenticity is what we crave.

We have been taught to sideline our joy, we have been taught to wipe that smile off our face.  We have lived in fear and trepidation of our own thoughts and of our brethren.

We have been hurt by the prods and the pokes, the unkind words and phrases that fall so easily from the mouths of our brethren.  And so we have learnt to hide ourselves from each other.

How can we be honest and authentic when we fear to show ourselves, when we, with every word we speak, we anticipate denigration, calumny and slander.

Now however, our Dear Ones, you who hear and understand this message, it is the time for you to release the last shards of your earthly negative entrainment.

Understand that you are not lowly, sniveling creatures, you are not inherently sinful.  You have done nothing wrong and nothing wrong ever happened.

You are great Souls who came to this planet earth to experience just this harsh and heavy negativity.  And you have done so in exemplary fashion.  And, being lightworkers you have had very challenging, very difficult lives.

These challenges, these life difficulties are as a great gift to you now for you truly understand the human condition.  You heard the call of the Divine that planet earth was in difficulty, that humans needed help to rise from their illusional delusion, from their negative entrainment and dark perception of themselves.

And you volunteered to come.  And now in this time and place of the revelation, of the great awakening, you understand what your brethren, still immersed in the low third dimensional indoctrination, are experiencing.  You sense what they feel and you know that they cannot help themselves.

You coded yourself to awaken first and you listened to the voice of your Soul when it called to you to rise up, and examine your false indoctrinated thinking.  And now, you are ready to help your brethren do the same.  You are ready to hear their plaintive cries, their sad confusion, fear and befuddlement.

Today is Thursday, November 12th and we stand at the cusp of the great revelation.  Hold yourselves ready dear ones.  Keep your vibration up.

You know what to do to stay in the love vibration.  Take no thought for the things of the world.  Yes it is fun to follow the events taking place on this earth.  To smile from a distance as humanity frees itself from the dark control under which it has suffered for eons.

This election is a great pivotal event in the history of mankind, for it is bringing the deeds of the evil ones to the light.  And then, technology, computers have been captured which clearly show the corruption, the cruelty, the torture that has been inflicted on mankind and his children.

The dark ones planned to use the new internet technology against mankind, to control and entrain him.  They have been caught in their own trap, for their cruelty, their perfidy can be clearly seen in the digital images that they stored.

All is coming to the light as it is decreed it must.  For nothing can be healed until the cause is seen.  Humanity cannot claim its sovereignty, nor release its indoctrination, until it sees how it has been entrained and controlled.

And now, Dear Ones, come really confusing and fearful times for those of your brethren still enmired in their earth low frequency journey.  For they will realize that all they have been told is false.  The picture they have held of the world, of who they are, of human interaction, is a lie.

And, they will have to do what you did.  They will have to bring up their entrained negative ideas, examine them and reject them.  This is a painful experience.  Their world is being turned upside down, for what they thought was evil is good.  And what they thought was goodly and Godly will be shown to be evil.

Your light, your joy, your peace will be noticed by these your faltering, your devastated brethren.  They will ask you what it is that gives you such tranquility, such calmness in the face of apparent disaster and destruction.

You will listen to them with great and loving patience, with unconditional love.  Unconditional listening is the giving of true unconditional love.  Human beings need that love.  Mankind is truly one.  In these individual bodies, when separated by the ego and the negative thoughts it embodies, we feel separate alone and lonely.

Oh how we long to be listened to, how we long to be recognized and appreciated, and you, our Holy brethren are here to do just that.

Be at peace, love, laugh, be in joy.  Do what you love,  picture your new world as you would have it be and it will be so.  Life is so good now as we rest in peace and harmony and watch the great awakening of the world from a higher place.

Yes, dear brethren, you are now in this world, but no longer of this world.  And it is wonderful indeed to be so blessed.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.