Love is our new reality

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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, August 20th, 2020

Chaos is Around us to Move Mankind from Fear to Love | Aita Channeling Her Higher Self


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – August 2020

And, these are such interesting times we are in. Good Day to you our dear Lightworkers, Starseeds holding the fort on Planet Earth today. As you well know we are in the midst of the great revealing. The great revelation of the truth of life on Planet Earth, is at hand.

Planet Earth has been, for all practical purposes a prison planet. We have been duped by our governments by the powers that be. It has seemed to us Humans that we have independent government. That we elect our own government and that the officials that we elect do, in fact, govern us.

Not so. There is, and we have spoken of this before, a government behind the government. What is the satan, the evil that pervades the world, that has been spoken of in all great religions and philosophies?

What is it that tempts mankind into negative, hurtful behavior against his brethren? What teaches him to be unkind, spiteful, selfish and cruel towards his brethren?

The control mechanisms for dysfunctional behavior, fear and misery have been set in place by the powers that be. Their agenda, their purpose in life is self aggrandizement, wealth and power. And, the beings that they are, they enjoy seeing Humans flail about in hurt and desperation.

They live off negative Human energy. Human fear energizes them and feeds their life force. They enjoy planning the events of Human life. They have an agenda whereby they have set forth what is to happen in this Earthly realm.

In order to carry out this agenda, they have decided who amongst us will be elected as our government. They decide which politicians will best do their bidding, will carry out their agenda. Then they see that these people are elected, for thus the elections can be controlled and the balloting influenced.

The powers that be, of whom we have spoken often, for they have been the controllers of our Human world, are few in number. They are not Human.

They have no heart, no compassion, they are ruthless, they torture, maim and kill with no compunction, no remorse. It is a joy to them to see Mankind writhing in pain under their control. And Mankind has been under their influence for eons, since time immemorial.

The manner of their control is threat, blackmail, and bribery. The evil in them, the satan, sets their poor unfortunate victims up with temptations.

Candidates for office are tempted with sexual delights and perversion. They are then photographed in the conduct of their deviant behavior, and these videos are used to blackmail them into compliance.

Their families are threatened with death and torture. Great wealth is promised for obedience to instructions. And, this is why Earth is a prison planet. It is hard indeed, not to fall for these inducements, for the very lives of the blackmailed ones, and those of their families, are in danger. Many who have not complied have been tortured and killed.

This is how satan, evil, the devil works on Planet Earth. This is the temptation that Mankind is subject to. This is the nature of the deception perception.

We think we are free and independent beings. We think we are in charge of our destiny, that we can, with effort, control our everyday life and make it comfortable. We are out of our depth.

Nothing can be controlled until it is seen. When we are immersed in our day to day living, when we are concerned about our daily affairs and the events of our lives, we cannot see beyond that to how we are manipulated.

David Icke, one of the great truth revealers of our time, has talked of problem, reaction, solution. So a problem is set up by the powers that be. Let us say a virus is announced.

In the past, there have been many viruses, flus, colds, you might call them pandemics. Many have died from these diseases. Yet, since no fuss was made about them in the media, since they were not advertised as being dangerous, life went on as normal and people were not unusually fearful.

Now, in this year of 2020, suddenly there is a deadly virus, and so a deadly pandemic is announced. That is the problem that is created.

Fear comes in massively as it is announced that millions of people will die.

And hour after hour, after hour, the deadly nature of this disease is emphasized on television (which we would call “tell you vision”). In the third dimension of Human life, we can only create our reality from that which we see is happening around us.

When we don’t know about what is happening on Planet Earth, we have no fear about it. When we are told something awful is happening and we are in dreadful danger, and this comes from respected sources, we cannot help but believe it.

And so now we are in fear of the announced deadly virus. That is the problem. The reaction, of course, is fear, extreme fear of death.

So, what then is the solution. In the solution the agenda of the powers that be can be seen. The problem equals the virus. The reaction equals fear and helplessness. The solution is wear a mask and social distancing.

The wearing of the masks and the social distancing were the agenda of the deep state in the first place. Now this agenda has been achieved. Masks are considered mandatory in many places.

Even worse, the few control the many in that Humans, now in fear, control each other. The fearful insist that all wear masks and social distance. Fines are put in place for non compliance. Basics, groceries, gas, anything that requires interaction with other Humans cannot be obtained without the wearing of masks.

And why did the powers that be wish to achieve this result. They have been working their agenda for some time. The culmination of all all their plans is to make humans into a sort of robot, artificial intelligence that will be totally subservient and servant to this elite control, to the powers that be.

Mankind, when united in the love vibration, when unified in communion and camaraderie is very powerful. Mankind’s potential in love and light and self actualization is great and wonderful. Mankind can and will move above the fear frequency to love.

Yet this does not suit the powers that be. They have done all that they can to alienate and separate mankind from each other. They have used color, religion, cultural differences, sex, finances, politics and all phases of Human life to separate us.

Now is the ultimate separation. The masks and the social distancing are preparing us to become automatons, robots. We are now faceless, voiceless and identityless.

Now comes the last part of the deep state agenda, the vaccine. Vaccines must be seen as the savior of Mankind from this deadly disease.

The deep state agenda is then further achieved as fearful people demand vaccination. This vaccine can contain any number of harmful and soul dulling ingredients, including a chip that can control Human behavior.

This is how satan, how evil works. This is the nature of the deception perception, the hologram, the matrix, the computer simulation we are in.

Yet be of good cheer dear ones. The light has won. The great Planet Earth Shakespearian tragedy/comedy theatre is being played out.

The light alliance has their own agenda. Much of the dark forces, of the powers that be are now in the control of the light alliance. They have seen the writing on the wall. They have seen that the light is winning and their time is up.

So many of the corrupted leaders and politicians have turned away from their dark alliance, and are now working for the light. The lights purpose is to awaken the sleeping ones to the truth of the Human enslavement.

How do you awaken those that are in the third dimensional fear state? You make the situation more and more ridiculous. You have those who have converted to the light say and do more and more ridiculous and outrageous things. Until, at last, the populace sees the corruption, the outright lies, the control under which they have squirmed.

Thus it is the truth that sets us free. Seeing the truth of our enslavement is that which frees us from the dream state. As long as we believe the story of the powers that be, that is disseminated by their propaganda arm, the media, we will be enslaved.

When we see the truth, we rise above the fray of Human life, we move out of the deception. This is the great revelation, the great revealing of the truth.

And this is the time we are in now. The revealing of the truth.

Be of good cheer our Dear Ones, our Dear Hearts. The light has won, and all is well in your world. You are seeing and will still see, great discombobulation around you. Chaos is everywhere as the light takes over and dismantles the dark agenda.

And now, more and more of Earth’s inhabitants are moving towards knowing the truth of the Planet Earth experience. The satanic forces have been our rulers. They have been the ones that have put fear into us, that have told us what to believe and what not to believe. They have called those who tell the truth, conspiracy theorists.

So, just be, just breathe, just keep your vibration high during this complicated time. Your high vibration lifts the world around you. Know that all is well.

You have seen the deception perception, the illusional delusion and are lifted out of it. Many of your brethren are fast joining you. The light has won and all is developing on Planet Earth as it needs to.

We are in the midst of ascencion, in the midst of the great revealing, in the midst of moving into the fifth dimension of love and truth and light, of communion and camaraderie of the oneness, the union that we truly are.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings Indeed.