Love is our new reality

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 21, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – August 21, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

Today our writer offers us a question:

My friends, so much is happening now. The virus is still spreading. Several hundred fires are raging through California.

Beirut is trying to recover from a huge explosion and the dissolution of their government.

There’s unrest and upheaval in countless countries as the old corrupt power structure struggles to keep something of its former influence.

Many have lost their jobs and are facing hunger and homelessness.

I feel myself going sort of blank at times, as it’s so much at once.

At other times, in prayer or meditation, I am imaging powerful Light rays pouring onto the planet and dissolving the corruption and the illness, as a Peaceful well-being takes the place of the chaos.

My 3D-trained mind is calling that a pipe dream, but I feel we have no choice. Your input would be appreciated, as always!

What you see, dear one, is indeed, as you have heard of before now, a Void scenario.

Humanity has entered a time in which the old and familiar is dissolving and falling way, while the New has not quite arrived yet.

This can leave anyone feeling to be without moorings, without a place to stand that feels steady and sure.

We understand that as human beings, you have all been trained to react to the word “emergency” as a trigger point for either panic or quick action, while all kinds of What Ifs race through the mind.

Those moments can come during times of flood or fire, earthquakes or accidents, times of war or pandemic, times of apparent scarcity and oppression.

And we would say, all is “apparent” in that all is appearance.

What you see around you at any one time is a moment in the quantum field when certain elements have gathered energetically to project the outer image of one situation or another.

These are called “outer circumstances,” and they appear to be solid and real, yet they can shift and change in an instant.

Remember that you belong first to this Universe, and second to the Earth.

Your lives follow the laws of this Universe.

And as with all things formed out of energy, nothing is solid—nothing is “real” in the sense of being unchanging and reliably “there” or easily replaced if it fails in some way.

Recall that though you love and care about your planet, you have not come here to cure all Her ills in only the few short years accorded most Earth lives.

You haven’t even come here to cure all the ills in your own life!

For how could you even know them all?

How could you see into your own psyche, soul, and subconscious well enough to know all that must be healed, dissolved, or raised to a higher level, at all times?

In the co-Creative path you chose before coming to Earth for even the first time, you knew it would all remain unfinished.

You knew on a soul level that even attaining increasingly higher levels of understanding—the empowerment and thrill of that—could never answer fully to your desire for more Wisdom, more Knowing—the kind of learning that only visceral experience can bring you.

And so when we say you belong first to this Universe, we mean that you are in some ways playing a role as you move about in your Earth bodies, in your Earth Time and Space.

And in those roles and mental/emotional constructs is the seed of the larger journey you took on eons ago in this experiment of duality.

The morass you see around you at present is not your actual reality.

It is Appearance — an old stage play in an old theatre, falling to pieces as bits of scenery deteriorate or get torn down, as costumes no longer suit the story, as the lines fall dull and meaningless, or absurd.

If you can release these old identifications with what you see around you, and what you have been trained to accept as “real” as being What you are, and how Life goes, then you are well on your way to seeing your current situation as temporary, as non-defining, as not being the thing that decides how are you are, and how you feel.

You are then on your way to viewing it as, if not a thrilling adventure, an interesting departure from life as you have known it.

An exit from the highway you have traveled for many centuries, and the link to a new beginning.

One that you have asked for, without understanding the transition state required.

You have been on journeys long or short which took you to places you could not have consciously planned to see or experience.

This is one of those journeys.

You have met people who turned out to be very different from who or what they first seemed to be.

You have read books that took sharp turns, seen films that held unexpected plot twists and surprise endings.

This is one of those situations, but many, many times amplified beyond those situations..

You stand in the quantum field, in that endless array of potentials that, with their openness, beckon to you to call forward the forming of new atoms of possibility that will form themselves into forms that, if not recognizable at first, have sprung from your love of Equality, of Abundance, of Freedom and Sovereignty.

There are no absolutes such as people imagine, only that which reaches toward the possibility of a “highest form of Love,” which has not ever been reached, and cannot be, so long as Beings continue to move ever further into the Light.

We wish you to understand that it is not only, as we have said many times, a matter of astrological configuration that Earth now moves out of the forms of daily life She has existed in for thousands of years.

It is not only that it is time for those who long wielded power on your planet to step aside.

You have yourselves, as an evolving race of beings, increasingly required far more enlightened forms of living.

You are, even in your unhappiness and anxiety, calling forth the kind of Wisdom and inner guidance you have not listened to since the fall of the great pre-ancient societies whose teachings you so desire now.

Are we shocked, as you are, at the upheaval and uncertainty you are experiencing? Not at all.

Some of us are with you in the physical, and therefore are experiencing much that you yourselves have been feeling—the shock and sorrow over lives lost, over homes and livelihoods lost, over potentials that were perhaps, the best one could do in the old circumstances.

Yet you have come for far more than this.

We cannot give you what many desire—a timeframe for when things will calm, as new and higher forms take the place of the old, dense ones that served only a tiny minority.

Earth’s timeline is shifting powerfully now, and your use of Time-Space is likewise shifting to where we do not predict events.

Time moves ever more swiftly now, and predictions serve only to predetermine certain events by planting expectations of such.

And are your expectations—your mental images, words, emotions—so powerful that they determine situations and outcomes? Most assuredly.

This is why we powerfully encourage you to image only that which is empowering, freeing, supportive, and positive for yourself and your fellow humanity now.

Use your mental imagery, your power of giving Thanks for what has not yet arrived, your words and ideas, your humor, your encouragement of yourself and one another, to craft only the highest outcomes now.

Which of course are not outcomes, but only further steps along a path that is never ending.

We live within the Knowing that you are all increasingly taking in the Light that is coming in now, so that what appears to be loss or risk is actually the removal of an old certainty that was no certainty.

Choose the holographic projection (what you call reality) that most assists your sense of completeness, Joy, Abundance, fulfillment!

This is why you are where you are now, and not living in the sameness of the old prison cell that has for too long been Earth life.

“But it’s all I know!” you may be thinking.

Yet, not what you preferred. Not for yourself or your fellow humans, nor your Earth.

If you are too stunned by current goings on to image a brighter moment, simply fill yourself and your Earth and all living beings with the brightest Light your mind can conjure.

And release the need to know “when” and “how.”

All is well, dear ones, and shall be most well. For at a beautiful and powerful higher level, you have decreed it so.

Namaste, friends! Yes, even in moments such as these, we are with you.

Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan