Aita Channeling Her Higher Self, December 11th, 2020

Good Day to you our Dear representatives on planet earth, on this
December 10th day, in the pivotal, magical year of 2020. Yes, it is a
magical year, for this is the time when the great awakening of planet
earth and her inhabitants is coming to a culmination.
As you, who hear these messages well know by now, you are in a
schoolroom. Planet earth is that schoolroom. It is a computer
hologram which is a simulation school for Souls to come to, in human
body temples, to learn greater love, to individuate their personalities
and discover their talents, preference and abilities.
Each Soul, each of you, and each individual person, is a fragment of
God consciousness, a particle of Divine essence. At the inception of
the material realm you were all identical drops of water in the ocean of
God consciousness.
Since then, with the experiences you have had as physical
manifestations, as beings in the material realm, you have individuated
your personality and its talents preferences and abilities.
In heaven, in the angelic realm, where your Soul, your great Spirit
mostly dwells, there is only love. Love and all its wonderful, blissful,
joy filled attributes. There we are all one, telepathic and luxuriating in
the flow of love, the flow of consciousness, the flow of Divine essence,
the magnificence of oneness and belonging.
Here on earth the opposite of love is experienced. Fear is the
opposite of love. Fear is the paramount energy that pervades the third
dimensional planet earth frequency. Experiencing that fear is a
challenging assignment that leads to the growth and individuation of
the Soul.For this material realm was set up to temper, to train mankind into the
better knowing and loving of himself and his brethren. By
experiencing fear and all its negative emotions, anger, hatred,
depression, apathy, jealousy, blame, shame, guilt and more, Souls
learn what they prefer and don’t prefer.

And on this human journey they experiment with behaviors, they try
various hobbies, they have many kinds of relationships and in so
doing find who they really are and what kind of a life they really want
to live. Fear is a warning sign to turn away from the not preferred.
By turning from fear they find what they really enjoy doing. In contrast
joy comes when you are doing what you really enjoy doing. When you
find your talents and your preferences, and how you can best express
your abilities. You find what gives you joy to do in this material realm.
For being in joy, expressing inherent, God given abilities, is the Souls
Mankind has been in this earthly low frequency world for eons,
reincarnating time after time after time. Your Soul has been
ensconced in innumerable body temples. You have been male, you
have been female, you have been mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.
You have been murderers and been murdered, you have been
shamans and witches, lovers and haters, rich and poor, healthy and
sick. You have experienced all that there is to experience on this
earthly, material plane.
And most importantly, you have felt the negative, harsh and painful
feelings that go along with taking a misstep from your Souls desire.
That is what you have been here to do, make mistakes. There are no
sins, only mistakes. And there are really no mistakes.
For each deviation from your Soul’s comfort zone is a gift, in that it
leads to negative emotions, it leads to fear. Fear itself is the gift that
you came to earth to feel. For as fear arises you are uncomfortable,
unhappy and want to escape that painful feeling.It is that discomfort that alerts you that you are not in alignment with
your Souls desire. It is that discomfort that trains you into behaving
differently, behaving in an authentic way that leads to loving, kind and
benevolent feelings.

Yes, planet earth has been a wonderful training ground for human
Souls to learn greater love.
And now, in this December of 2020, many of earth’s inhabitants, the
“old Souls,” have learnt all that there is to learn, have found who they
really are and how they prefer to be, and it is their time to ascend out
of the low frequency third dimensional vibration.
And so we have the great awakening. The great awakening is the
time of revelation, the time that mankind is being shown, while he is
still in his human body, how he has been entrained, how he has been
He is being shown the process, the nature of the human entrainment,
the nature of the great deception perception. Yes, it took deception for
Souls to have this experience. For, if they knew how powerful, how
great, how magnificent they really were, they could not have bent to
this human life.
They could not have allowed themselves to be treated cruelly, to be
disrespected, to have insults, slander and calumny poured upon them.
The great deception is that you have been told you are mortal,
insignificant, incapable beings. You are deplorable, you are a mistake
and not worthy. It was important that you should feel so, for you
needed to feel negative emotions.
The objective was to feel the pain, realize you did not prefer it, and so
turn away from anger, hatred, blame and shame, back to the love that
fills your heart with joy.And, you are to continue on this earthly adventure, you are to rise up
out of the third fear dimension in your human body. You human body
is becoming a light body. It is turning from carbon to crystalline. You
are to be young again, whole and healthy, full of verve, vigor and

Yet to achieve this you need to see the nature of what you have
experienced. You need to know the nature of the great deception
perception. This is what you are being shown, this is what the great
revelation is.
There has been set in place a cruel system of government for
mankind. It has been kept secret, mankind was not to see the nature
of how he was controlled, how he was manipulated. He, in his
entrainment, did not realize that he was told lies, informed with
untruths, hypnotized and fed a false narrative by his dark and devious
This election drama is shining light on the outrageous lies, the
dissimulation, the nature of the corrupt actors and their deviant acts.
In detail you are seeing how the shadow government forces through
its agenda while humanity is unaware of the illegal acts and insane
narrative it is given.
This revelation, this great truth is needed to set mankind free. Hitherto
you have not realized you were in prison. You did not realize that that
prison was the thought system that was imposed upon you, the
negative, divisive, separating reality that was created for you.
In order to ascend you need to see this clearly. And, you need to
remove the false teachings, the negative words and phrases that
come to your lips so easily. You cannot take these or any negative
thoughts that you have into the love frequency. For love and fear do
not resonate with each other. 

So Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, do not be discouraged by what is going
on around you. The light has won. This great stage play, this great
drama that you are seeing is necessary for ascension.

Yes, this is indeed a wonderful time. And the best is yet to come.
Yes, the best is yet to come. That best is you in the fifth dimensional
love and joy vibration. That best is you, healthy, whole and complete.
That best is a world where health reigns supreme, where technology
serves mankind, where all are abundant and all are doing what they
love to do. Divison, separation and criticism are gone. Love, unity
and oneness reign.
Where we go one we go all, into a wonderful new world of love and
light, enthusiasm, compassion, generosity, caring and kindness.
Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.