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Arch Angel Michael and The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio, January 20th, 2019


Arch Angel Michael and The Legions of Light via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light Heaven and Earth are moving closer in sight. The gap between the worlds is closing in tight. For now the beacons of shining light are shimmering and blinking with new life. The words on the page are like creative plans – marking the pages with intention and breathing the words now into creation. For you are not just human and divine, you are the harbingers of a new way of life. You are the beacons that now shine teeming with possibilities you have never imagined for your lives. Our hearts are wide open shining new light, reaching the souls at every station, in synch with one and the nation. For we have waited by your sides for such a very very long time for this the welcoming of the new tide. For waves of energy crashing in – enveloping you in the sacred dear children.

Arch Angel Michael here, standing by your side, holding you in safe embrace with the light that has always continued to shine, even in this the darkest night. For you are the beacons of hope and we are here welcoming you home. To sweet Mother’s embrace, the arms of love outstretched in peace, wrapping around you and enveloping you in the love of the Creator, the sacred love you have not felt in many eons – the embrace of your true self.

For so much time has passed that you realize not the love that lasts. For we have been loving you and waiting for you to wake up and come back online – circuits connected, energy enlivening the source of power long denied. Your renewed DNA lighting up the night sky. For the human collective is now a divine sight – sigh of relief, a feeling sublime. Welcoming in the blessing times. We are the hosts of heaven and we are so delighted to see that you are finally welcoming the holy into your beings. Fragmented fractions of light uniting and realigning to stream holy holy holy – one light one life a beacon united holy and bright. White light pure and bright, a whole stream of blessings connecting you to your core – the holy light of the nation shining so bright, welcoming in the changing tide. For this is your divine birth right – one nation holy and bright, made up of many creatures of all shapes and size. For the strength comes in numbers that cannot be divided – a strong holy nation made up of all tribes. This is the endeavor you have been working toward and we are pleased to allow you to know that we have kept our words secret from you while you waited in darkness, allowing the flow in trickles and drabs and now we can open the hose of realization – streaming forward at last.

With love and great blessings to the sweet Angel tribe, we are loving you into creation all that you decide – all that you have asked for and some you could never describe – the brightness of your holy light shine shine shine. For that is what it means to be both human and divine. Harbingers of hope – the human angelic tribe.

For Thine is the benediction to bring in the light – and the flood gates have opened and all has become brighter than bright, holy and light.

Blessings dear child, keep on holding the light – fragments have united into one single vibe and now we are breathing in the blessing times. Keep us in your sight, for soon we will be walking with you – embracing you holy child. For now peace gives way to joy and de-light.

Arch Angel Michael and the Legions of Light

Breathing in the blessing times


Now has finally come the changing tide

You are in the midst of great change

Keep on holding the light

Getting ready for a brand new life


Peace, Love, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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