Archangel Faith via Kerstin Eriksson, November 16th, 2018

16 Nov 2018 Archangel Faith Photons are YOU! Through Kerstin Eriksson.

16 November 2018, channeling with Archangel Faith, through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am Archangel Faith, and I always work in the trinity with hope and love!
I love you and I always have and I always will love you!
Today I am going to talk about your inner light!
Did you know that you have your own personal photons?!
You have your own DNA incoded photons that work only with you!
And they have a special place in your body where they live and have as a
Can you guess where?!
Does the word ajna say anything to you!?
Your ajna is very important in many ways!
It is a communication central, and your soul is its boss!
And how do you keep your ajna clean?
Well, drink clean water if you have the possibility to do that.
AND pray for your water and turn it in to your own 
blessed holy water!
Say you love the water, say you bless the water
say you are grateful for each drop!
Then you can drink the water!
Now it is blessed by you and therefore it is
now vibrating in your own lightforce!
And that means that it is more healthy for you and you dear ajna!
Your ajna is very smart!
When you bless the water, and also dring that water,
your ajna starts to RECALL all necessary information.
If you drink water to clean your ajna without your own blessing, almost nothing happens!
You are an intelligent being, and so is your ajna and also the water, as it has a massconcioness.
When you are being more and more acquainted with blessing your water you will be able to
experience more contact with your personal photons, as they are living entities, and they are your lantern in the dark.
A lightworker needs the inner light, to be able to handle the dark, to be able to walk where there are no light.
So my dear beloved child of Earth,
I love you
and don´t forget to bless the water you drink,
each drop counts!