Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael – Stand Strong in Your Own Power, via Beatrice Penninger, November 7th, 2021


Archangel Michael via Beatrice Penninger 21-11-07

If you acknowledge your spiritual connection, I am with you with my sword and strengthen your ability to see through illusions and deceptions. I do it with your awareness or I will help you even though you do not know about it. The strongest and easiest for me will be if you ask for my help to look through the smoke and mirrors and try to manipulate.

You are strong people. So much stronger than you know. You need to lift your hat and straighten your back and be clear that now is your time, and you do not tolerate being ignored and made into something that is not really you. Being strong can also mean daring to be weak and show vulnerability, taking care of oneself when needed and daring to ask a fellow human being for help.

It is nice to have this dimension to see that the so-called more and more clear resistance movement on the planet’s surface in flesh, proceeds peacefully with knowledge, feeling and intuition as a weapon. You accept differences in each other and look at the core and the soul and understand that you all work for the same thing. You are a motley crowd and you will find all kinds of types, status, colors, religion and disposition in you who have seen through the illusion. That’s where we’re headed. Everyone must be allowed to exist, be and be accepted just as they are with what interests and opinions they have.

The last independent but very, very persistent attempts are now being made to use what you call dictatorship, where your weakest points have been attacked in order to reach absolute control.

What is so provocative for the “lower forces” is that it is not possible to control the resistance movement. They have tried and are trying in every way. Forcing you to use their tools so that they can control you through them, but you grow uncontrolled and they do not have time. They close door after door for you so that you will join the ranks again, but then you just say simply and peacefully that yes, but then I will not go through that door. They try to amuse those already controlled with bread and circus and make you jealous, but then you say peacefully that these breads and circuses no longer amuse me. They are trying to intimidate you with all kinds of demons and take away your rights and perhaps threaten you with exclusion from society. You still stand up in your struggle and say clearly that this is not right and proper and this is not how we want it.

It is an INCREDIBLE task you are performing, people who dare to stand in your intuitive truth. You came here precisely for this task and many of you have felt the call long, long ago.

As soon as you lose strength and power, become sad and despair, ask me, the Archangel Michael for help and support for new strength and new light. I stand behind you and strengthen your backbone, your intentions and your patriarchal humility. I’m always by your side and you should use my etheric sword to scale lies, deceit and illusions. I say ; STAND STRONG IN YOUR OWN POWER, get help from others and together we do the job.

Din Mikael