Love is our new reality

Archangel Michael via Beatrice Madsen, May 23d, 2019

Archangel Michael

May 23d, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


You cut with my sword lightworkers, lightsetters, lightwarriors and portal holders and flying love things.

I am always with you. Now it is clear, my sword runs along your spine from your uppermost chakra, through vertebrae after vertebrae and if it has not done so before it will now wake up the kundalini snake that runs in the opposite direction up along your spine.

I am Michael with the sword and I cut through illusion after illusion. We are now arriving in plenty and we work hard and diligently. My dearest, dearest inexhaustible you, I can point out that the illusions do not have a chance against our joint sharp sword. Cut, oh human, cut out the coarse misconceptions you have lived with. Cut in love and cut in light. You are now well enough that you who come in plenty know that you can cut without light and without extreme suffering.

You cut with large swords, you can with small swords and we diligently work along together, you and I. Ask me for help in your moments of doubt, as my mission is you and me.

Each one of you cut in your own way. You do not at all need to do it the same way. You are so much larger role models than you can understand and embrace love and light in the work you are doing. Stand your ground in the wars of the stars.

I am Archangel Michael and I celebrate a grandiose victory as you my protégés can now stand on your own two legs with my absolute sword of truth providing in your structure (smiling).



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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