Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, May 22th, 2019


May 22th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus Christ and I follow you wherever you go today, dear humans on Earth. It is meant for you to open up to the light that streams down to Earth. It is you Father’s will, but also your own. You want to be free from the veils of darkness that surrounds you and see the light that is approaching – first within to then manifest in the world you live in.

The love is growing and compassion is growing. All light rays coalesce and form a sun of love that flows out in the world. I am with you in these rays – your rays are my rays and my rays are yours. It is a special dawn that has reached the Earth. It is only thin veils that cover its face today. They are so thin that they flap in the wind so that Earth’s true face glimpses through now and then. It is a holy time, holy ground that you are on. Be in awe of yourself and the great wonder that now is happening within you and within our dear Earth.

It is a shift in your reality that now will happen – the reality that you have created and the reality that God created are completely different and cannot reconcile. Your consciousness will shift from e reality to another. This is what you wished dear children on Earth. You wished to again enter the Kingdom of Heaven to the love and innocence that lives there. You wanted to see the light again. You wanted to experience love, the unconditional love that just is love and nothing else. What you have not understood is that all of this is preserved within you and that it is you yourselves that open up to for this heavenly kingdom. It is there within you securely preserved by your Father – who is waiting at its portal to lift you up to where you belong.

Let go of darkness now dear children on Earth and open up for the light within you – the kingdom that is your real kingdom and that always has been there unchanged within you. It is so that the truth never changes, it is only illusions that are non-lasting and prone to change. The light that is within you is constant and unchanged. Nothing can change this light. It is only the dark that needs to yield in order for the light to shine clearly. Then, what do you have to do to find this light within you? You need to let go of all grudges and judgments towards your brother and only see with love towards your neighbor. The dark looses its power the same moment you choose the light. When you choose to see with love at the world the world chooses to see you with love.

This is your mission dear brothers and sisters. Your mission is to forgive and see with love onto all the sins and mistakes that have been made. These mistakes disappear as a fog when the light reaches it. Do not be afraid to go to the light. It is your liberation and balsam for your soul. It is in the light that you find the love and the peace that you have sought for so long.

The time for Earth to leave the dark and go into the light is here and now, dear children. It is time for you to choose the light that burns within you and just wait to be remembered. It is your light that burns there, it is your “being” that waits for your return, so that you again become one with yourselves and everything that is.

I, Jesus Christ, will gladly help you, so that you will find your path home to the light in yourselves. I am and always will be your guide until you have reached the door together – the door where God is welcoming us into his kingdom, where only light and love exist.

I love you so much




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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