Angels of the Inner Realms via Karen Vivenzio, May 22nd, 2019


Angels of the Inner Realms via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, things are not as they appear in your world. For there are many putting on great façade to trick you into believing anything but your inner truth. For that has been the name of the game since the fall from grace and knowing this means you should not try to mirror your awakening after others in your midst, but from the depths of your inner being where the truth of you exists.

For there are many hearts shining bright like beacons to guide you through the darkest of nights, but the one that shines bright, the one that feels just right, is the warmth of your own embrace and the lightning that rises up to the flashes of inner knowing you can no longer deny. For you can no longer deny your role in this world. You can no longer go to work and hide your truth, you must shine like the light of a thousand stars no matter who you are with and where you are. You will find many friends in unexpected places if you bring your truth into the open and share the wisdom among smiling faces. It matters not if you are in the boardroom, the classroom, the factory, or the mall. Bring your whole self forward and give the wisdom blossoming within you all.

Sharing the light is now the name of the new game.

Not staying at home and hiding away.

Rest in the comfort of who you are and allow yourself to be embraced – for the deepest levels of healing to take place, you must put yourself out there not save face.

To bury your light beneath a sea of misled expectations is not the path of the lightworker, the starseed, or the unified nations. To breathe and allow your true self to come out, that is what the next phase is all about.

So take your truth and sit with it now. Allow it to rise up and flow out of you like the river of light buried deep within, waiting for comfort among friends.

For you are so loved, so well embraced – nothing can stop you now from becoming a truly enlightened race. For humans you see were meant to be the bridge between worlds, not covered in apathy. You are a lightning bolt, an extending rod, an olive branch, crossing the longest yard. Hold your hands out and love yourself still, in the moments of weakness you do not cower but rise, into the light and the safety outside. Your comfort zone exists no longer. The ramparts and safety nets have been thrown asunder. Allow yourself to speak your truth, to experience what it means to be truly YOU. For you have no other loyalties other than to yourself, getting rid of misplaced guilt. Throwing off the covers of deception and walking into the realm of heaven.

With love and blessings from our hearts to yours, we are the Angels Of the Inner Realms and we beckon you home to the light and the love within your own soul.

Blessed be dear hearts, open your arms to love, laugh with the willingness to abandon all else and live your life freely like no one else.


With Love, Light, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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