The Guardians of the star Canis Majoris via Iris, May 24th, 2019


05 / 24 / 2019 The Guardians of the star Canis Majoris ∞ Energetic Update

“We are the Guardians of Canis Majoris and we greet you. We haven’t contacted you for a long time. It was not planned in the “schedule”. And yet it is our concern to approach you today as the energies in your space are changing greatly.

We are still the gatekeepers and accomplish the exchange of protection systems and energy modules. We hold the course so that the way and the plan remain free. Interstellar communication systems allow us to perceive changes and capture bandwidths in a fast sequence. We are bringer and mediator at the same time. We shape the levels that are necessary to be able to establish something new. Because everything takes place after an adjustment.

We go through tests and system analyses to ensure that everything works perfectly. Data spikes transmit to a large extent the actual state of the universal speed of light, with which photonic plasma moves on and reaches its destination. Our protective systems ensure a free exchange of high light energies. This creates a suction which transmits light units in high doses and catapults them to the target.

Central sun – fragments, codes and fluid aspects are transported and maintained in their purity. Flows of interstellar light units are thus transported and preserved in their being aspects and dimensional orientations. We as guardians function in a multidimensional interplay of many light carriers and exchange devices. Nothing remains unobserved or is neglected.

At the forefront we ensure the preservation of a light exchange system in the galaxy. Only certain aspects and bodies are allowed to pass through light – field – barriers. Fractions of light, star systems and high interdimensional councils work together with us. God’s plan is our manual.

We look to you on Earth and see major changes. These changes are energetic in nature and are passing through your control panels. This results in a turning off of well-known realities and a new orientation as the energies of the central sun flow into masses. The “periods of time” move and for you a flow is announced. To be intuitive is the handling for a life in these energy regions. Get involved with it.

With joy we look forward to the changes and are with you. We bless this day and everything it has in store. We are the Guardians.”

Note: This channeling is the third one that has been given by the Guardians and published. During the first channeling the Guardians mentioned that they call their star Cana Majoris.


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