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Archangel Michael via Kerstin Eriksson – Balancing, July 15th, 2022

Friday, 15 July 2022

Archangel Michael Climbing up that tree!

I am Michael and I love you very much.

If you climb up a tree what will you find?

You will find a wiev!

And what do you do with the wiev?

This is where I would like to say something!

When you are on the ground you see things from a ground perspective.

When you are sitting high up in the tree you see other things.

High up in the tree you get a wider perspective over your life, but – not as detailed.

And of course this is basic knowledge to you, but there is something more in this, that I now will talk about.

A higher perspective, from far away, makes it easier to be cool.

When you see something from a distance you have to make a lot more effort to feel every feeling, to understand the underlying language.

As you are on the ground and are in the midst of your life, it is more likely for you to be very emotional, because you are right in it.

You are actually exactly where you are supposed to be, with your heart body and soul you live your life on the ground, and I can provide you with a higher perspective.

So you can see it in terms of: cooling off, or getting warmer.

What do you need?

I offer you a different point of wiev on your life! I provide you with another angle, if you like!

It has do to with balance! Your life´s balance.

If you need balancing, I can help you!

How do you know if you need cooling or heating?

You aim for this: Being here and now! In a neutral good balance.

If you are to emotional, and usually stuck in emotions, as in never seing your full true potential, then you need a little bit of cooling down, and getting a higher perspective. In other words you need space.

The sitting in the treetop means that you give yourself emotional space, as well as physical space.

Giving yourself space makes you chill down from emotions of your life as well as groundwork, that have heatened you up and you get stuck in a emotional turmoil.

The most important thing is for you to be balanced.

You need both!

You need your emotions of cource! Because you need to understand yourself, and your environement and more.

And you also need free space to breathe in a peaceful way.

I will help you find this balance!

I love you