Love is our new reality

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Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson, 4 juli, 2024

Greetings and angelic blessings I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. I bring forth a joy that is so pure and of high vibration from the Angelic Kingdom. I allow this to flow over and through your being. May you receive it into the depths of your being – into areas that feel stuck or confused.
May it quicken your energy vibration. May it increase the movement of your energy and allow you to access a joy, within your being, that is so filled with love, fulfilment and truth, that it allows you to experience contentment and wholeness within your being and with the Creator.
At this time, the Creator is sharing a high vibration. It is a very subtle and yet impactful vibration, that many may miss.
They may not recognise it and yet the Creator is sharing this high vibrational energy in order to create a boost in the ascension of those who are ready and accepting of this high vibration.
The high vibration is pure joy from the essence/core of the Creator – the creative source of joy.
This pure vibration of joy is flowing throughout the entire Universe of the Creator. It is available for you to access…to download into your being…and to support you in discovering your own inner joy; the highest, purest vibration of your own inner joy.
The vibration of joy may seem luxurious. It is something that your soul desires. It is also an energy that is very freeing and supports healing within your being. It enables you to experience a deeper connection with the Creator and also yourself. It removes obstacles, boundaries, limitations that do not serve you, and it attracts the goodness of the Creator and the universe into your being.
By goodness, we mean, almost like the minerals, the vitamins, the nourishment for your soul and your body as well as support, security, strength, love, deeper understanding of the truth and a greater grounding.
When you accept a joy that is of a high and pure vibration, it actually has an immensely grounding sensation because you experience the high vibrations; you allow them to integrate and synthesise with your entire being. They ground you into your physical body and into your physical reality, but they also ground your true self/your essence into your physical body and reality, therefore allowing you to exist as an aspect of the Creator upon this earth.
This essentially is ascension; existing as much as possible as an expression of the Creator upon the earth.
Many people may feel that joy/fulfilment/contentment, and even success, are not part of the Creator’s expressions, however, when you connect with a pure vibration of the Creator, these are often qualities that you experience.
It is your purpose, as an expression of the Creator, to experience joy, love, contentment, success, grounding and abundance in your physical reality, letting the physical reality mirror your spiritual divine self.
When you access your inner joy or your higher joy, you are experiencing joy and happiness without reason. You are simply experiencing joy/happiness/success/contentment/love….all of these divine energies.
You are experiencing them because you are an embodiment of them and for no other reason.
This energy is continuous; you can always access it.
There isn’t a need for physical things to create your joy, however, when you’re accessing a joy from within your being or from higher realms, it will create, within your physical reality, physical joys that mirror your inner joy, therefore filling your physical reality with physical joys of numerous types, situations and scenarios.
This acts as a beautiful understanding and confirmation that you are allowing your inner joy…your beauty, your love, your peace…to be expressed through your body, your auric field, your chakras, through your mind/thoughts, through your voice and even through your eyes.
It is impossible to continue in a space of joy, because often when joy arises, and fills your being like an ecstatic vibration and flow. It also brings to the surface the grit, the dirt, the things that you have been holding onto that are no longer required.
These require your attention but when you give them your attention, and you’re still holding a focus upon joy…as if you are holding joy lightly but you are allowing yourself to experience that which is emerging…it will resolve very quickly and easily.
To find your highest vibration of joy, you can ask to be connected into the joy vibration of the purest nature that is flowing from the Creator now.
Let it flow into every aspect of your being; into your cells, into your auric field, into your chakras.
Breathe it in, and exhale joy outwards to fill your auric field and surroundings.
Sit and bathe in the vibration of joy of the Creator, as if you’re in a swimming pool of joy. You can bathe in this swimming pool for as long as you wish, absorbing its energies of joy.
It may create niggles within your being, aspects of yourself that say that they do not wish to experience joy. Accept these aspects with loving joy. Embrace them. Let them be heard. They will soon transform.
As you’re bathing in the Creator’s joy, you can ask your soul to download, from the highest vibration of joy of your sacred being, into your soul and physical body.
Observe how this joy downloads into your being; where it comes from, where you acknowledge it resting, where you feel you need to spread it.
What are the qualities of joy?
How does it impact your being?
Remember that this is your personal joy. It will have a personal impact upon you – a meaningful and purposeful impact upon you.
Allow yourself to spend time getting to know your joy…finding it, exploring it, emanating it…because joy is your divine right.
Whatever you are experiencing and whatever challenges you are moving through, joy will bring an upliftment and a healing.

I am Archangel Michael, I thank you.