Love is our new reality

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Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg,19 June 2024



Ishvara via Ann Dahlberg

19 June 2024

Channel Ann Dahlberg
I am Ishvara and today I want to talk to you a little about what it is like to be human on Earth.

It is something very special, you must know, it is a new race you have created, which you will now manifest on Earth and enter the kingdom of love and light, which you are currently building in your world. The only difference will be that you become lighter in body, you leave the heavy energy and your abilities grow as you become lighter in body and mind. The energy of love will dominate your heart and joy and harmony return to the Earth and all the wonderful realms of blessed fruit and vegetation.

It has been a long trial for you, dear people, but now it is coming to an end and many of you already feel this kingdom within. You are in contact not only with each other but also with what is not visible but is right next to you. There are many worlds, not only on Earth but the entire universe is filled with life and movement,

It may look different but the love, the unconditional love is the same everywhere. There are planets that carry the same weight or lower energy, similar to Earth, but they cannot enter a world built of love and light. That path is closed to them unless there is an opening of a heavier energy available to them. The Guardians of the Light are strong and impenetrable. It may be good to know when you are now on your way into the light, dear friends on Earth.

Incidentally, I belong to another planet that specializes in technology. It is a bright and loving planet, but it has had its time of a heavier energy, though it was a long time ago and hard for us to remember now. We are helpful with technology a little everywhere in the universe where we see it is needed.

You yourself will discover your task in the longer perspective when that time comes. It is based on all the experiences you have with you in your baggage and what you see and have great experience with can help your brothers and sisters on other planets similar to Earth’s.

It is an exciting journey that you have been on and an exciting journey that you have ahead of you. This is something that you have created together and it is in unity that you will manifest your creation in love and harmony with each other. Do not believe that everything is a coincidence, nothing that is created is done by chance, there is a conscious will and power behind everything that is created and that has been manifested on Earth.

Even the darkness that today you may shudder and feel disgust at has had a purpose that will be revealed to you when that time comes. The dark energy can be a dormant and positive energy depending on how it is used.

In a heavier and lower energy, it can be difficult to manage and gain control over, depending on how open you are in your heart. In a closed heart where the soul can no longer fit, you can be exposed to many temptations and fall into the lion’s gap.

That in turn breeds a lot of fear and you can see threats everywhere that you need to protect yourself from. This could also be an experience that you wanted to understand and learn, but eventually fed up with. The compassion for other beings and yourself grows and opens up your heart for love and your soul to enter your life again.

Yes, dear friends, that’s how it can look on Earth. Love and light are now increasing rapidly, you are all ready for a shift, you have enough experience to build your world into a realm of loving light. Much light now shines everywhere on Earth and understanding and empathy for each other is now a dominant force among different populations around the world.

Remain in your light and let love dominate your hearts so that the soul can lead you home again to the realm of light and love that you once left to conquer your soul.

Great love