Love is our new reality

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Archangel MIchael via Zane, October 23d, 2018

Greetings dear one,

I Am Archangel Michael and it is a pleasure to be here with you, to share these words with you and to watch you all grow, and grown you have! There are so many of you, the beloved Lightworkers, the ones doing the heavy lifting, that think you are not growing or you are not doing enough, but believe me, you are doing more than you can imagine. Each day that you get up and set the intention to act from love and kindness, you grow! Each day you go to say something that could offend another or you go to yell at someone in traffic, but then you stop yourself and you say “wait up a second, that is not me, that is not being kind to all, that is not acknowledging the light within that person or that situation” and then you stop yourself from doing or saying something rude or unkind, my dear ones, you grow! So please, stop being so hard on yourselves, because as you know, you are still humans living amongst a physical plane that carries all these things with it, so you cannot completely avoid all these feelings or situations, well maybe you could if you lived under a rock! But that is not what you are here to do, you are here to shine your Light in to ALL of these situations. So remember that the next time you go to yell at someone who has cut you off in traffic or that has jumped in front of you in the grocery line, see that person the way we see them and the way that we see you, as a Divine Being of the Creator, as a Divine aspect of God, having a physical experience, just as you are doing. So instead of saying something rude or having an unkind thought, bless that person and acknowledge the light within them. That my beloveds is how you grow and how you spread the light, by not reacting out of anger or frustration in these situations and acknowledging them for what they are. This is not to say that you must not stand up for yourself or that you should just let people push you around, but just in these little day to day occurances and situations, don’t react to them with anger, hate or frustration and instead see the love and light in them!

I Am Archangel Michael and I Am in joy as I watch you all grow and shine your Light into these places. As thats what you are, a beacon of light within the dark. You ARE that light you search for in the world, so BE that light and take that light everywhere you go. I love you all. Thank you.