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Saint Franciscus via Beatrice Madsen. October 22nd, 2018

Saint Franciscus

October 22nd, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Dear Brothers and Sisters I want to talk to you about the relationship. Understand how important it is with the relationship when you are on the Earth plane and incarnated in a body. You have a relationship to everything – to your spouse, work colleagues, children, animals and acquaintances. Also in the grocery store the clerk recognizes you and she does not see you as just anybody but you, a type of relationship. The birds above your house recognize you when you come home and are not as careful since they have learned that you wish them no harm. The neighbor’s cat sneaks by and is asking for a pat. The first time you saw a foreigner you might have been skeptical, but once you established a relationship with this fellow human being your suspicions were dropped about this person being somebody evil, but a complete person on his own and once you established a relationship you no longer saw the skin color but the individual. Each one of you is unique. You have separate features, temperament, color and form that are completely unique. Each person’s voice is unique as well as your smell and you put your own footprints on this world.

Is this not completely fantastic my dear fellow brothers and sisters – that there is not one single human who is exactly like the others? Praise this! Be yourself in your uniqueness. This experience is one of the critical things in being incarnated. You should be unique just as each snowflake in a snowfall, but you are all still snow, and thus One.

I want you to pay attention to the fact that the power that does not want you to grow, the dark power we can call it, does not want to you see yourself as unique beings. Their agenda is to make you all line up in a row, to become machine like. They try to sneak in robotic thinking in different ways, most intelligent ways. See how you all already are stuck with your gaze on your little machine. They cut off your senses and work on you using only your vision and the rational thinking, in other words that which they can control. They cannot control your creativity. They cannot control your power of love. They cannot control your feelings, but they try to with all means possible to steer you away from your feelings. They have managed to get you to believe that is ridiculous to be sensitive. They want you to feel shame over your feelings. How many of you do not feel shame when you cry or when you laugh to loud. You feel shame when you show your vulnerable sides. Why is this? It is among the most beautiful things that you have. They give you chemicals to numb you and call it medicine. Real medicinal herbs you are not allowed to use and a witch hunt is still carried out against those who try – they are even killed. Your work places often demand that you all should do the exact same thing. You should say similar things and you should write in similar ways, otherwise you are not useful workers. You are not allowed to use your creativity since you need so much money to be able to live on the planet – and to get this money you must work and work in a way that you cannot think or feel. Can you see how they want to get you to be robots, dear sisters and brothers? Children are put into bigger and bigger groups with less caretakers and it is already considered ok that a robot takes care of them. Wow, that is cool, somebody says – look what it can do. Dear sisters and brothers it is a ROBOT. It has no feelings, no heart, but is a step towards your children accepting the machine over the natural. OBSERVE – they do not want you to have any relationship.

You are organic beings. You are nature. The best weapons you have are your heart and your intuition, who feels and know when something is right or on the wrong path. A robot cannot be loved or love somebody. On the other hand it is rational and never vulnerable, neither does it do anything incorrectly. They have during such a long time managed to get humanity to believe that she is only good if she uses her rational side. It is you who now need to take yourselves back to yourself.

Look to the relationship brothers and sisters. Be in nature and see the organic growth, which is a part of you. Talk to you master teacher – your animals – they never can get mechanical. Let your animal show you how you can come back to your true self, with all your senses. Feel the stone and the warm moss that speaks to you on your path. Follow the swish of the naked tree crowns that sing their song just for you and long to get back the relationship with you brother. Sister, let yourself be embraced by the movement of water, which carries an internal wisdom that it wants to share. Do not get stuck in traps of the intellect or the mechanical. Use it for your creativity and positivity, but let it always be just tools. Do not let these tools become your God or be put on a pedestal. This is my mission.

Greets you formally your co-worker and brother Franciscus




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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