Ashtar via Beatrice Madsen, February 17th, 2019


February 17th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Ground crew: light workers, light drivers, frequency holders, system busters. We, your partners, wish to convey that you are doing an absolutely fantastic job.

You all have different tasks in bringing forward the new era and one is not the other alike. You do not need to compare yourselves with each other, but support each other in your work and your unique personality. Your own inner work between darkness and light proceeds hand in hand and it is as it should be. You tanks are being fully loaded and slowly it gets easier for you to breathe in the frequency you need to.

You work on doggedly and determined and we see you. See yourselves as catalysts. You are an array of small catalysts across the surface of the Earth that forms a network that assists Gaia, Terra Nova. Even if I say small your luminescent power is so strong that it can make the blind see eventually.

Have patience, light workers. The picture that I want to describe you as is a group of people that together pull a heavy loaded train with a train engineer. One or two departs to catch their breath and load up on new energy, but then you are soon back again and pull. You must depart and load up on new energy. Also that which gives energy to you is unique for you and different from other light workers.

See yourselves as catalysts and do not care so much when it happens only that it happens. We can liken it to the child who asks the parents “when will I become a grown-up?”. The grown-ups can answer that you are a grown-up when you are 18, but in reality it is stealthy transition whereby the grown-up gestalt takes form, but you are still there.

Train engineers, crystal shapers, stars seeds and light swimmers you are all one, but unique in your individuality and you depart from your heart chakra’s strong power. You need endurance, persistence and a doggedness that reminds you of old trees that drives itself upwards, but with a very beautiful trunk as a result.

Grow like the trees, stable and as the stone, porous as the earth and you will blossom as the beautiful spring flowers that you are.

We see you.

Ashtar Command




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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