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The Ascended Masters via Kerstin, February 15th, 2019

The Ascended Masters

February 15th, 2019

Channel Kerstin


There are more angles, masters and other light beings in the Universe than what you who walk the Earth can imagine. You are seen, you are helped, you are encouraged and above all loved as you are. Regardless of what wrong you might have done in your eyes terrible things during your incarnations on Earth you have through this tried out the properties of the lower energies. You have collected wisdom in your soul. That enable you to now help those that also have labored in the lower energies, since you understand how those energies work. Since you are reading this you have started to see the light and the love around you. Thus you have taken on a new role. It consists of forgiving, primarily yourself, but also others and by pointing to your path you can help others to head in the same direction.

It is never too late for forgiveness – remember this. In every second, in every moment you can change your life by changing your thinking and your view of yourself. And here all light beings come to your aid, without exception – when you ask them to. Without you asking or praying they are not allowed to.

You humans are starting to learn how to live in the now. When you do this you can easily get in touch with your intuition. You learn to feel in your heart what is right to do and thus you find your way to yourself, your task, your abilities and your Higher Self.

It is thus necessary that you take the time to, in isolation, seek to connect with us helpers who are your friends. Ask for help if it feels heavy and hard to see the light. Always focus within – in your heart. It is there that you find the unity, the big picture that you all have been unconscious of for so long. You do not need to know our names, not know us. Just be in the now, focus on your heart and breathe calmly. Say a prayer if this is natural for you, otherwise express what you need help with, for instance:

“I wish for the highest best help to see the light around me” or “Please, I wish to receive all help to overcome my fears”.

We hope that you all can feel our grand love and admiration for the large task that you carry out on Earth in this Golden Age.

All the love from your admirers who are nearer than you might think.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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