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San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog, February 17th, 2019

San and Saxon the Dragon via Angel Skog

February 17th, 2019


Time is nigh for the spiritual leaders of the old era – those that still have lived in the old world’s era of ego. It is those that have hidden behind the veils, stopped working with themselves and gotten stuck in the spiritual ego’s seducing sphere. It is those that have stopped serving unconditionally and used their abilities and knowledge for lower purposes.

These guides have now filled their divinely determined roles and enter into a new era of deep transformation and work with themselves. They are now in different ways removed from their earlier roles in the spotlight. Just as the lower frequencies within yourselves that have been forced up to the surface in different ways these people are now encountering those aspects of themselves that they need to work on. And just as you learn to love yourselves you should unconditionally let these people into your hearts. It is only together and united that we can lead Earth towards ascension – nobody is left behind of God’s love, our love.

The time is now for the guides of the new era to start taking their place in the spotlight – those that unconditionally serve God and the Ascension process. It is those that show you the path to your own power, strength and guidance and teach you to bow to yourselves – those that give you the tools to your own freedom.

And lightworkers – you who feel this purpose burn in your hearts – it is time to start waking up and rise up to the noble leaders you are meant to be.

We watch over you.

San and Saxon the Dragon




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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