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Ashtar via Davey, June 25th, 2020

Be in, and Become, Your Still Point | Ashtar via Davey

June 25, 2020

Hi, I would like to send this channeled message from Commander Ashtar for posting. I am the original channel. The title is “Be in, and become, your still Point”. The message is as follows

Greetings to all of you who are reading or listening to this message. I bid you great tidings, for all is well on the surface of planet earth. Despite how it may look in outer appearances. This is all to do with the way you see things.

It’s important that you cultivate an ability, to see things as your heart does, to live in heart awareness, heart consciousness. To be still. To allow your heart to open, fully open, to the full potential of the consciousness that you truly are.

There are many beings of light around you, that are assisting you at this time, to help you to do this. But it is important that you take the steps and the time to centre yourself daily, to allow yourself to become the still point, the very centre of your heart. In doing so, you will discover aspects of yourself, qualities of yourself, a feeling of yourself, that you have only dreamed of. It is right there for you, it is sitting right in your heart centre, waiting to be tapped into fully, completely, lovingly and openly.

It will become apparent to you as times move forward, just how easy it is to connect to this still point, relax with this, have fun with this, for this is the easiest way to do it, to bring yourself into your still point.

Allow your physical body to loosen, release the tension, let go of your worries, your anxieties, your fears. It is a little, as this one imagines, to holding on and clinging on to the side of a swimming pool, just as you might do in your daily life, in the many actions you take, it feels like you’re constantly clinging on in a certain way, and then when you relax, you feel as if you can release yourself. In truth you are letting go to the very truth that you are, you are surrendering. And imagine if you will, in this analogy, of holding onto the side of a swimming pool, and then allowing yourself to drift, trusting, that you will float, that you will always be supported, you are eternally supported. You are eternally supported by yourself, your higher self. The true fabric of who you really are. And in that state of being, there is nothing to hold onto.

You see, from a very young age, you have all been conditioned, programmed if you will, to grip, to hold on. And by doing so, you take yourselves further out of heart consciousness, and into mental control. This is one of the many things, that the energies coming in right now, are changing for you, and helping you to change. But you must be a willing participant, you must be a conscious participant.

We recommend that you go in daily, to your heart centre, surrender. Allow yourselves to drift freely, into melding into your heart centre. And instead of searching for the still point, allow it to draw you in, surrender to it, surrender to the truth that you are. Much like the analogy of releasing your grip from the side of the pool, in full faith and love and joy, that you are eternally supported and you are absolutely safe dear ones.

This is important because you see, whatever you can let go of, is not you. And when you let go and allow yourselves to drift and meld into your still point, you become aware of who you really are, you become aware of what you are. You become aware of when you fully let go, when you immerse yourself in your heart centre, you become your true state of being, this is what it is to live in the fifth dimension and above.

These are glorious times, in the unfolding’s that you are moving through at this time.

I thank this channel, for bringing this message through for me. And I will release channel now and bid you farewell. So much is yet to transpire, all of it is of the utmost amazement. Be well dear friends, brothers and sisters, for the future is about to more exciting than you can possibly imagine…

We love you all, farewell for now…

This is Ashtar