Love is our new reality

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Ashtar via Erena Velazquez, March 25th, 2021


I am Ashtar and I am happy to be here today to share this message with you.

I would like to inform My Brothers and Sisters that my fleet and the rest of the members from The Galactic Federation of Light are working on the permanent removal of the corrupted souls from this part of the Galaxy. We have been dealing and fighting with the Dark Forces on a daily basis like Reptilians, Dracos, and others ones, who entertain Darkness inside them and try to harm humankind.

Our battles in space are severe, it involves advanced technology and we usually have a million of ships fighting, it includes motherships and we even have spaceships the size of a planet, our smallest skirmishes have thousands of ships. Your speed and technology play a huge role in the battle, the whole civilization can be quickly eliminated, you get evaporated in space like you never existed before. The war between the Light and Darkness has been going on for eons.

They still think that they can stay in control on Mother Earth. Their days are numbered and their tricks of creating chaotic situations like a pandemic or shooting of innocent people are not working anymore now on the more awaken human population.

We banned them from freely traveling back and forth to Earth. Now, their bases on other planets are cut off from your planet. As soon as they are trying to sneak into your world, my fleet is waiting and ready to attack them. The day is coming, when the last member of the Negative Forces will be transported from Gaia.

Your support of staying in higher frequencies is greatly appreciated. As of this moment, it’s very important to raise the Collective Consciousness on Terra Christa in order to break the Dark Side’s control globally over humanity, and bring Light and Love to everyone.

Your Republic is going to be announced soon, it already happened in our reality. Texas will become number one spot in the United States for a new way of governing, which will not be taking advantage of the people, instead it will be working only for the people.

First, your timeline needs to catch up with ours. All of the important events are coming according to the Divine Plan of Father, Prime Creator. Anyone, who tries to interfere and slow down the process, that person or group are going to pay with heavy consequences.

My crew, I, Ashtar and other Galactic members, who are involved in this operation called “The Liberation of Mother Earth”, put our lives on the line every day to bring peace and joy here. Also, this part of the Galaxy is a very important strategic point in this Universe, millions of spaceships from different Galaxies, Universes and different Planets pass nearby.

The Darkness in your world will be replaced with Unconditional Love. We are doing our preparations for a massive landing of millions of ships on Mother Gaia after full disclosure happens. We are going to help with our technologies to heal the human race, to clean your water and air, and help you build a high-tech civilization. The ones, who will receive the funds, are going to implement that money globally into humanitarian projects to remove all of the poverty in every country forever.

Please, meditate and carry on with high vibrations, don’t entertain low emotions like anger, fear, disappointment and etc. Your society needs to reach a critical mass in Collective Consciousness to move into full speed in your Ascension Process. Each nanosecond brings your world closer to a desirable destination of Becoming a Galactic Civilization, which only radiates Peace, Abundance and Love.

Please, be advised, if any important decision you need to make, connect with the deep essence of your being, your soul and the right answer will come to you. Also, don’t get vaccinated as it’s not good for your health. These COVID-19 vaccines were created only to control you or destroy your human body with the nanotechnology.

I am Ashtar, and I am sending to My Brothers and Sisters my Love and Light. Thank you.

Your Victory And Freedom Is Coming, Never Give Up!