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Ashtar via Susan Leland, February 23d

Ashtar: “Electronics, Elections and Divine Governance”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – February 23, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, we had a little ‘overdo’ on the music this time,*  but that is all right – I am here and I’ve been here and I shall continue.  We are having some interesting occurrences in our electronics, so we shall begin here on this note.  It is that electronic connections are, in some cases, as you would say, being ‘fried’ – disconnected, experiencing seemingly out-of-the-blue kinds of interferences for no good reason. And the underlying reasons are that with all that is going on in the atmosphere, these things are occurring! And so it is to be calm when your transmissions are disrupted, or when your player does not play, or most particularly with your computers and those kinds of electronic machines.

“Now, there are all kinds of other things that are occurring. For instance, you have what you call appliances in your homes and so on and so on, but computers – very interesting situation! Computers are trying to adapt to all of these energies coming in as well. And just because you have a new, or fairly new, computer does not mean that it is totally immune to this because, you see, updating as you call it, is occurring constantly with all of the energies coming in.


“Now, we are going to suggest to you something that will be much easier to understand once the change-overs are completed. But it is to know that you are on the verge of having much more sentient computers than they are now. Oh, we know, there are computers that can talk to you, and so on and so on.  But we’re talking about computers that can get to know you and get to be ‘in sync’ with you, and will answer your questions and show you things and do a lot of things that you might be seeing on, you know, the space cadet shows that present themselves as being what you call ‘science fiction.’  But the reality is quite different – they’re very real!!!


“And these computers and other electronic inventions have been in use for some time, just as spacecraft that have been engineered – well, they’ve had some help from off-planet – but they have been engineered and manufactured, and so on, in various facilities both on and off of Planet Earth.  And, you know, there’s a lot of information about that right now! You can look up anything that Corey Goode** has brought forth and get the picture pretty rapidly.


“So what we are here to tell you is, again, stay calm!!!  These things may happen, and our suggestion to you is to open up communications with whatever device it is.  Now, of course, you can call in some Higher Dimensional Help, but what we’re saying is, get used to communicating, particularly with your computers and other devices that you are connected with anyway so much of your days – and nights, too!!!


“This is the way the World is going and, ultimately everything will be so telepathic that you won’t be relying upon computers as much as you do right now – just like the dollar and other currencies.   In other words, your intelligence will come within you and you will not be looking so much to an outside source.  So when I say ‘intelligence,’  I’m saying information in knowing about whatever it is that you want to know about, because you are all expanding your brains even now and you’re all expanding into Higher Intelligence!!!


“As you uplift, your bodies become more crystalline – and that brings up another point. What do you think computers have in them if not crystal, silicon, you know, silica chips, Silicon Valley, etc., etc., etc.?  Now there’s already a bridge there, is there not, the more crystalline you become.  So you see, it is by way of furthering or enhancing your own uplifting to be in connection and communication with your computers and other devices.  In other words, if you just say, ‘Good morning, computer!  We’re going to have a wonderful day. I’m so grateful to you for all the help you provide to me!’  On some level your computer is going to get that.  Now that doesn’t guarantee that your computer is going to do everything flawlessly, rapidly, and so on and so on.  I’m hearing a bit of a prompting here – ‘Faster than a speeding bullet!’  I don’t know where that one came from – Sekhmet? – but I’ll put it in. We like humor, too, you know!


“It is simply – and I am saying this in all seriousness – that just as you’ve got robots coming more and more into your lives, so it is that your computers will provide you with more opportunities for interaction and intercommunication than you might be presently enjoying.  At the very least, I shall close this part of my message with a bit of advice.  If your computer suddenly freezes on you or refuses to cooperate, or goes blank, or whatever, at the very least, be in a High Vibration sufficient to send Gratitude and a message of ‘Let’s work together’ as opposed to – I shall not say anything, but just imagine a lot of strange little signs, ‘You #%^#! (blankety-blank)!’  It will serve you much better, Beloved Ones, just as this advice is absolutely general and applies to all aspects of your lifestyles.

“So, I simply want to assure you that all is well in your World!!! These incoming energies are disruptive at times and, I understand after all, that it is absolutely natural to want everything to be in perfect working order at all times.  Just as nature is undergoing some upheavals – and you all know about that – so it is that other components of your lives may be doing the same things.  And it is not limited to what is inside of your houses.  You have computers in your vehicles, in all of your transportational vehicles, unless you are riding a bicycle or a horse, or something like that.  You have computers everywhere in your World!


“And so it is to, just as I have suggested, call for a wonderful day of ease and grace, or however you choose to say it, and when something does occur – if it does occur – be gracious!  Be kind and be appreciative of the service that has been rendered and go from there with whatever you need to do, in order to bring it back into balance and harmony for you!


“Now, I also have more for you on the topic of government.  That’s right, GOVERNMENT!  We have undertaken certain steps to support Bernie and the other candidates who bring forth Truth and truthful solutions of a High Dimensional nature – in other words, those candidates who are fully in line with, again, the Principles, the Provisions of NESARA.***


“And this is true around the World.  It is not just for the United States of America!!!  It is from here that the Announcement will go forth. This is still the program, the plan.  But it is for every man, woman and child, and for all of Mother Gaia’s other Kingdoms as well, to enjoy the benefits of NESARA, as they will apply in every community and country Worldwide!!!  This is about opening up; this is about Heartfelt Lifestyles – guided, guided from the Hearts of all of Humanity, every member of Humanity’s Heart, I shall say!!!


“And so NESARA*** is to be known in every place in the World as rapidly as it can be known!  And I am asking you, members of my Ashtar Family – and you know that most of you are indeed Ashtar Commanders in human uniforms or members of my crew in some capacity.  Some of you are – for instance, the doctors, what you would call the doctors – we call you the healers on board our many ships, and so on and so on.  But whatever your designation is, it’s really that we’re all One in the Light of Love and in the Service that we offer.  And so we ask you to fire up, power up and continue spreading the words of NESARA!!! ***


“I will make another observation and that is that there are many, many, many more who are open to hearing about NESARA*** and who would, if they just even read the little bit of information on the flyer – those are the very nuggets – that’s the Heart of NESARA*** on paper – They would welcome it!!!  They would say that this is a great idea – people who, oh, a year or so ago in your time, would have said, ‘You know what? I think you’re crazy! This will never happen!’


“There is so much calling from the Heart of Humanity for the very Provisions of NESARA*** to be enacted!!!  And this is something that, if you have tried in the past, if you have been like these women here, waiting since the 1990’s for it to be activated or announced and activated – we understand there can be some weariness in you and perhaps even a bit of disappointment that it hasn’t happened.  This is the time to recharge, regroup and regenerate NESARA*** Love throughout the entirety of your beings and then go beyond with it!!!


“The momentum has begun and there are many, many things that you can do, starting within your own selves, your meditations, your prayers, your joyful visions of your Golden Age Lifestyles! THAT’S HUGE!!!  Put yourselves in there and be doing whatever it is, perhaps learning to fly an airplane that you never had time or money to have lessons for?  Hmm!  That would be particularly appealing to those of you who have your own shuttles in the Higher Dimensions, would it not?


“Perhaps you have a passion for teaching children, a skill or an art form that you enjoy. But again, you’ve never had the time or the energy or the money, or whatever, to engage in that.  It matters not what it is so long as, of course, it is High Vibrational, because the Freedom to do these things – the Divine Governancethat gives you the Freedom to do these things, is the very Heart of NESARA***!!!

“Now I started to tell you that we have taken steps, to be sure, that no one will end up being elected in this calendar year as we see it now – this is our program, with the sequential order of events and dominoes falling – no one will be elected who does not have the Principles of NESARA*** in his or her own Heart!!!  Now Bernie is the leader for this, as you know, but there are many others.  Get to know the candidates in your own community because there must be a Foundation!!!  You cannot have – has Obama not proven – you cannot have a President who is at the top of the government – not the secret government, but at the top of the government, if he does not have the Foundation underneath!

“And so it is very important that you be aware of what is happening in your communities, in your state legislatures.  Who is your governor?  Is this person someone who carries the principles of NESARA*** in his or her Heart?  Now, of course, you know and we’ve told you before that those who do not will not be around to exercise, or to do, their agendas.  They will not be in office much longer.

“But it is to support energetically, perhaps even volunteering to do something or other so that you will help to be building that Higher Dimensional Foundation!  And that is why I am asking you, my Beloved, Beloved Members of this Ashtar On The Road Family – all who are here in person on this call, and all who come afterward to listen to the recording or read the words.  Find out what’s going on and support those with your Hearts and your meditations and prayers, and more if you are able so to do, to build the Foundation of NESARA*** support, so that whoever is elected President – and you can fill in Bernie if you would like to do so in this moment – will have the support, because it is important for people to be dedicated to these principles!!!


“All right! Let’s take an example. Let us suppose that in the country, in the state rather, there is someone who is running for a high political office, wanting to unseat the incumbent who happens to be, oh, you know, a tea-party member.  But this person is a tea-party member also!  Well, if they do not have NESARA*** Principles in their hearts, then perhaps it is to look for another candidate, to call forth or to require another candidate to come and be in this election year.  You see what I’m saying? I’m giving you some examples so that you can really identify with, and associate with, whatever is going on within your own community, your own state.  And that is my advice.  It is up to you as to how you would choose to follow this advice – whether not at all or 100% or anywhere in between.  I am here to advise.


“We are watching every election.  We are – let us say, if there is some cheating that goes on, it is simply so that it is blatant and exposed!  There is already a very strong feeling and there have already been some news reports of cheating that went on in Nevada.  How much longer people hear about this in connection with any of the candidates is up to Humanity, particularly the citizens of the United States of America.  But this has been going on in every country of the World at some time or other, if not right now!!!


“And so my words are for everyone in the World.  Get involved, know the candidates, know what they want to do if they are elected to represent YOU!!!  Because the time has come for Hearts to come together and to be in the Oneness of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.  We are doing our part. We ask that you step up and join with us if there is something more that you have passion to do!


“And to those of you who are already with us, and that is all of you, Beloved Ones – we see your Hearts and we know that you are with us – we say unto you, thank you, from our Hearts to yours, because we have Gratitude to you for being in this partnership with us!!! And together, together we are bringing in the Golden Age and all of the Joy and the Freedom and Peace – the ‘Peace That Passeth All Understanding’ for everyone on Planet Earth, and that includes those below and those above!!!  We love you all, most Beloved Ones, and we thank you for being with us in this Family of Ashtar On The Road!  And so it is. Salut!”

*    Fran’s computer wouldn’t stop playing Ashtar’s introduction, Come The New Jerusalem.
**  Corey Goode information:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 23, 2016.
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