Love is our new reality

Ashtar via Zane, October 15th, 2018

Greetings dear one, I Am Ashtar and I come with peace and blessings.
Today I would like to speak about the spiritual battle you are currently undergoing on Earth and yes it is also a battle that goes beyond Earth, as there are many layers and levels to it. You have been controlled and manipulated by an ancient dark force that has sought only to dominate and control for self satisfaction, “power over others” is what you have come to know it as. Dear one, please know that you are well and truly into the final stage of this battle, one that has caused much suffering and loss on so many layers and throughout so many cultures and countries. Beloved, it has already been won in the higher dimensions and know that this final stage is just the playing out of this battle as it manifests in the physical. It has been won beloved so please celebrate, walk throughout your day with your heads high and watch the rest unfold. Yes, you know that this has also been a inner battle, as you the Lightworkers, have chosen to do this inner battle on behalf of the Collective, Gaia and those that are still asleep. As you know, the inner work is reflected in the outer, so do you see? Do you see your inner work unfolding in your outer world? Maybe not on a global scale yet, but in your own life and reality? Are you coming to realise how much easier your life now flows and how little conflict there is in it? Please trust this process. We understand that you are tired and that you just want to start the new and help to restore your beloved Earth Mother, but as St Germain has said, if you would just pause and look at your current life, do you not see this work unfolding and manifesting in it? You struggled for so long with inner and outer conflict, the battle of the inner demons, the delving into the dark recesses of the human psyche to find that which no longer serves you and then to transmute it back to the Light. Be in joy at the work you have done and the work you continue to do when you sleep at night. Yes, there are alot of you that have restless sleep and dark dreams, but know in your hearts, that what this is now, is the work you signed up to do and that you do it for the  Human Collective and Gaia.
So hold tight as the outer changes you seek are to now manifest. Once these changes occur it will pave the way for our arrival when we will be able to assist you in the cleaning of the planet and the restoring of peace and harmony. All of us in the ships and those in the Ethers, in the spiritual bleachers I might say, applaud and celebrate you in each moment as we are so grateful for the harrowing task you chose to descend and take on, but that’s why you chose it, because you will complete it and once you see the miracle you have and are creating then you too will applaud yourselves.
I Am Ashtar and I look forward to the times when we can be there in the physical with our beloved crew and companions. We support and love you for each step you take home towards the light.