Ash’Tar’Ke’ree Of The Jupiter Command via Ria Aurora Athena Ash, February 25th, 2019


Quick Galactic Update :

From The Galactic Super Federation) &


Ash’Tar’Ke’ree Of The Jupiter Command.

The Galactic Super Federation

That consists of Air Born Divisions

Ashtar Command & Jupiter Command –  Venusian, Pleiadian, Sirian and Andromedan , Arcturian , Alpha Centauri  Fleets Stationed around your solar system,

Are in Negotiation Stage for Planetary

( Primary Interference)

These Negotiations that take place in ( zero point ) have been ongoing……. .. of the Application

for ( First Contact ) for some time in our( linear expression )

The negotiations are between

The 52 Star Nations ( The 52 Star Nations have Doubled in Super advanced Star races :

To around ( 70 ) Star Nations as more Star Nations are working in Unified cooperation of universal peace .

That come under the High Council supervision of (Brotherhood of the Star ) in this quadrant of sector space.

The brotherhood of the star :

is the planetary oupost of the

( Blue Lodge of Sirius ) Great white brotherhood :

that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command – Ganymede portal .

The Galactic Federation are now unified with the Grand Cosmic Central race :

For more information :

( look to our dear brother (Cobra 2012 Portal

for more an in-depth explanation on the ( Comic Central Race ) !

This is why the Galactic Federation Have now changed their name in a ( human expression ) To :

( The Galactic Super Federation )

More star races and star nations are coming together in a unified whole for planetary exploration of peace and love:

For a long time Earth Gaia Tera Nova Gaia – And her inhabitants have been at the evolutionary level of non-interference !

But now as our Vibration & consciousness as a collective is rising  in conscious awareness into forth density moving into 5th Dimensional awareness ,

With your ever increasing fluctuating collective timelines.

The Galactic Super Confederation are moving into operation

( Primary interference) ….. First Contact!

And how best to approach this First contact……

This has been ongoing as your collective timelines have been fluctuating and changing …..

Remember everything is in zero point,

So We do not use dates or times for when this will happen , all will be constituted  in divine timing ,

that is best suited for the collective.

As The Sun ☀️ Your Mighty Solar logos is acting as a (Portal Stargate )

It is “ holding the space “ Of this Divine light divine light,

so to speak…….,

Think of your Sun as a massive Container ,

That ( contains The Photonic Energy) ….. Like a shipping container…… of ( Finite photonic kinetic love light plasma energy )

As you know this Photonic Light was sent from

The Cosmic central Sun ( God Force)

Through our Galactic Central sun In our galaxy … To your Sun ☀️, That is a cosmic supreme being …..

See your Sun blasting Out ‘ Intervals Of this light from its hub “container”  – …… like waves of light …. see them hit the planet 🌍💫✨⚡️

And know this …..  ‘

That there will come a Time ( In Zero point )

‘ when your Sun ‘ will release the final …. FLASH Of Light ⚡️….

That is the crescendo ….

This flash that will engulf the 🌍 Planet

We call this (The Event ) or the (changeover) ….

When will this happen !! You say ???

When will our Sun release that final blast of Photonic light that was derived from the cosmic central Sun – through our Galactic Central Sun ……

Well …….,,,  This dear Ones , will be in divine timing this will happen in zero point ,  while this is happening our federations are sending our blasts of this energy from Our Motherships that Act as containers as well ,

Then we distribute the light to the planet in intervals..⚡️✨💫 ,

And We are now also in negotiations of the next planetary sequence of events called

( primary interference) …… or First contact…..

So beautiful light warriors , you must try and stay vigilant and steadfast,  stay in your Highhearts at all times , while the energies are fluctuating and increasing around you ,

whilst the storm around you is raging like a ferocious Hurricane category 10 🌪

As you Stay in the eye of the storm , stay in a place of neutrality and nonjudgement , Do not judge another light warriors or light workers ‘ … work , or Words of Light …. ,

or anyone , as we are all One …. and to judge another you are just judging one’s self …

Just Stay in neutrality and love,

know that everyone,  All your brothers & Sisters are at different levels of consciousness Awareness , at this time of massive Change … In to the GOLDEN Age

Stay in love and joy & Grace ,

for these times ahead are going to completely change humanity for the better , to live in utopian cornucopian galactic society…. .

With our extended galactic family in peace .

I love you all so much , All my peace and love Soul Family ❤️

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree

of The Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command ( Galactic super Federation ) …..

Channelled with love By ❤️

Ria Aurora Athena Ash

Of The Jupiter Command & Ashtar Command. 🛸

Ps :  This is Ria Speaking :

I want to say a (Big Thankyou ) … To All the wonderful ( channellers )

…. On Gaia out there ,  who channel beautiful messages of light from The Galactics & Ascended masters and archangels and councils of light……

I love you All ,  We are all brothers and sisters … We are All equal … We Are All One ….. , We Stand on this Planet As One ….

And We must support and share and look after each other in unity Oneness … ❤️ ,

So I send all the channellers and All the light workers & Warriors out there who are anchoring in the light and spreading the light ,

I send you all my unconditional love and blessings ❤️.

Let’s Do this Together….

As One Heart…

One Collective consciousness 🕊🕊💕🌸🌹🙏🏽

As Love Has Won 💕

Love Ria Aurora Athena Ash 🌹