Love is our new reality

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Aura the Pleiadian via Ann Marie, July 1-5, 2018

July 5th

You do not need to wait to develop your abilities. They already exist. It is merely making the jump from wanting to believe in this to the acceptance and integration. Once again…the process.

Your mind allows acceptance in bits and pieces. It protects itself from over inundation. This is why you must be patient. Realize there are reasons for the pacing of the process. Each individual will integrate at a pace which is optimal for them.

This is an individual process uniquely your own. There are no two who will proceed in exactly the same way. It is a perfect fit for you and you alone. Trust your process to lead you for your highest good.

This is the truth. TRUST.


July 3d

Stay true to your path. Confusion is natural, for you are attempting to process and implement new behaviors into an already established and conflicting system. It is not easy to overcome patterns of a lifetime. It requires patience and perseverance.

Share with others who are striving as well. Welcome this support system. And remember—we are all in this together.


July 2nd

Encapsulate yourself with joy, happiness and love. It will repel the fear and negativity of others. Make it a daily conscious effort. Visualize the barrier.

You are impenetrable in your belief and certainty of joy.


July 1st

Work with your dreams. Dreams are a powerful source of inner knowledge. Repetitive themes and symbols will help you to decipher aspects of yourself and areas of personal development requiring attention.

Dreams are the gateway to the soul. Crossing this threshold will allow you greater access to unearthed gifts and pertinent karmic messages. It is then, once again, up to you to use and implement this new-found information for your progression toward enlightenment and self discovery.

As always, the choice is yours.