Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, July 5th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Wednesday, July 5, 2018

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and there are many light energies that now has reached our Earth. Our dear Gaia is now basking in these energies and she is at many different levels. So are you dear Earthlings – the difference is that Gaia is now starting to be aware of the spheres of the higher planes, while you have just started this journey. Your bodies are in the process of taking in the light – the higher energy of existence and this can manifest in many different ways. You who have some tension left in the body may experience some unease right now, depending on where these tensions are located. The light impacts the cells in such a way that they take up more light and repel what is old and outmoded. Your bodies are now retransformed so that they can carry a higher vibrating light. You who have chosen it can feel it in different ways. You, who do not have as much tension left in your body, since you have cleared out most of it, can now sense a larger harmony and joy in your body. You start to feel more whole and have a clear voice inside you, which now guides you forward on the path you have chosen in this life to assist yourselves, the humanity you belong to and most important of all your dear planet Gaia.

This large process of transformation impacts many humans today all over our Earth. It becomes a larger transformation in the collective consciousness and it will, as you all now understand, impact your whole world all over the globe. A large transformation of consciousness within a large part of Earth’s population leads to a whole new openness and understanding of what is happening in your world now and historically what has happened. Many texts and many memories return for many people and they will see their world with completely new eyes. New efforts will be made to correct the old and outmoded ways. A new pattern, a new matrix will be formed all over the Earth and nothing will any longer be as before. It is a large shift in consciousness that is underway on Earth and it changes your world to the same extent that your consciousness is growing.

There are many of you who help each other now, dear Earthlings. People that have woken up to themselves have made many new efforts. They have strong guidance from both their soul and their guides. You all have the opportunity to become part of this. Let the light or the higher energy do its job and you will soon be free from your sorrows and troubles. You came here with different burdens – so you have different amounts of work to do, but you have not received more than you can handle. Some have taken on more in order to help others, but they have more experience and an ability to manage it. Everybody receives help if you send a thought or a prayer upwards so that we know that you really want our help. As you know the free will is holy on Earth and nobody can interfere without you asking for it. We listen for your cries for help and heed those cries as far as it is possible for us without breaking any universal law. During these times we can help you to a larger extent as the whole Earth is in transformation and everybody can then get the opportunity to follow her if they so wish. Karma can be lifted faster in this light that is now shining on Earth and you can be completely freed from karma if you so wish. Our great Father/Mother God has already forgiven all of you and is now just waiting for you to heed the wake up process that Earth is in now. It is a wake-up song that is being sung on Earth today so that so many hearts as possible will join in the song and sing along in their hearts.

The door to Heaven is open for each one who wishes to enter. I can see that you are many who are on your way and I can hear the song in your hearts. It is a beautiful, melodic and harmonic song. It becomes stronger and clearer as each new hear start to sing it. You have fought hard dear humans on Earth. You have fought well and the result is now starting to show up both for yourselves and the Earth you live on. Everything is in transformation and transition today. There is nothing else for you to do now than to come along with the process. We support and strengthen you in the process that you right now are in. With a thought or a prayer sent upwards and we are at your side. You are not alone and you never have been. It is not until now that you really will understand this. The time is nigh for a real meeting to take place. It will be a fantastic and wonderful moment in our and your lives.

I conclude now with giving you the love back in your life. It is love that you will find or have found. The fire is strong in your hearts now.

Much Love,