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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, April 3, 2020

Dear Ones,

It is time to finish your 3D escapades. Even though you may wish to prolong your time within your 3D comfort zones, such is no longer appropriate or possible. It is time for you to accept what was in your 3D life will never be again.

You can moan and groan as much as you like. But nothing will return your 3D life. Such a statement likely seems fatalistic, cynical, or mean because you do not want to let your 3D world go.

It is gone. There is nothing you can do to return to that which you knew.

You have long pined for your earth life to shift from fear to joy. At the same time, you wanted the world you knew to remain the same. Those two wishes are at odds with one another. For beyond 3D love can not grow in fear-based soil. That fear soil needs to be removed and replenished. You are in the removal stages.

Even though we prophesied that your 3D world would crumble, you believed that would not affect you – for you are no longer of 3D. A somewhat correct belief. For your beliefs and joys have expanded beyond 3D limitations. Even so, you continue to be part of the 3D work and financial worlds. Neither of which was terrible enough for you to exit on your own.

It is as if you had a full paint palate, and even though you focussed on a few bright colors, you knew you could retreat to grayed colors if you wish. When you were sad or mad, those colors suited you much better than did the bright, vibrant colors that were yours to use in the “good” times. You en masse decided to eliminate access to those grayed colors once you discovered you used them too often in this new world.

You have never been limited in your choices – except when you have done so en masse. As you once did to fully explore 3D fear. You have now completed the same for emotions and actions beyond 3D. You no longer have access to that which you accessed for eons. Your past fear comfort zones are gone. So it is many of you are flailing as you try to grasp onto that which no longer has substance in your life. Your fears, angst, and anger are becoming nebulous clouds.

Many of you feel you are angrier than you have been in a very long time. That your leaders, the crumbling structures, and fears about losing all you held dear, are shifting your moods into places you never thought you would revisit beyond 3D. Yet, you find a new horror daily. For your leadership is not doing what you feel necessary to maintain what you are used to.

Such is so for the obvious reason. Those pieces that seem to be slipping through your global fingers have become parts of your 3D history. They do not contain the frequency you have become.

Yes, this is a global pandemic. Yes, your world is shifting into areas you are not comfortable with. And yes, you are angry. So what are you going to do about it? Not what is your government, community, or neighborhood doing? What are you going to do about it?

This is no longer a 3D mass event. It is your personal action plan.

A straightforward personal daily action plan. What gives you joy? Not how frightening everything is. Not how terrible your leadership is. But what gives you joy?

But then, some of you are too angry to hear your inner voice now. That is fine. You are continuing to clear fears from your earth eons. Perhaps you are digging even deeper and clearing issues from other dimensions and frequencies. It does not matter why you need to be angry now. Just allow that to be. For you feel the need to cleanse yourself of that anger, that fear before you find your new earth place.

So it is some of you have large projects or innovations in mind when you awake.

Others of you will discover that reading a book or talking with friends is more important than any big project. Such is so for a variety of reasons, most notably, you are not yet ready for a project outside your inner clearing. That is not to say you are a slow learner, but instead for you to know that you have decided to do extra credit work bouncing off the fear and rage of those most deeply enmeshed in 3D. Your last cleansing HURRAH.

Even though such cleansing is no longer necessary, it is your choice. Will you be different once you do so? Most definitely. For each layer of fear you clear, you will live more fully in joy. But doing so is no longer an en masse dictate, it is a personal choice.

You all knew this was a cleansing earth life. How much you wish to clear beyond positioning yourself and earth in 5D or beyond, is a personal choice. A bit like scientists and engineers wanting to personally explore as many planets as possible despite the damage it might do to their physical beings. Their sense of adventure is more important than their personal safety or comfort.

So it is for you.

You completed your Dark Night of the Soul before exiting 3D. Now, you have an opportunity to explore areas even more deeply hidden within you. Some of you opted to use this time of 3D fear and pain to explore those issues. While others of you are more interested in the beyond 3D rebuilding process.

Neither choice is right nor wrong, merely what is right for you. You are no longer tethered to what and who you should be. You are who you wish to be. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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