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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, December 14th, 2018

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you question your wisdom or your status despite reassurances from the Universes. Do not be concerned about such thoughts for you will know soon enough you are all we have described and more.

What we wish to address now is your need for rest for you are preparing for an extremely large energy burst.

Perhaps the thought of yet another energy burst does not seem that unusual or difficult for you have moved through hundreds of energy bursts since you initiated your transition. The difference now is energy bursts are occurring more rapidly and are affecting you more deeply than was true a year ago. For when you transitioned to 5D and beyond, you extended your physical being accordingly.

Our forewarning about this next energy burst starting in a few days is to encourage you to rest.

Rest is not the word most would use for this time of year for you are likely running hither and yon selecting presents, attending holiday gatherings, preparing special foods, and sending holiday greetings feeling as if each day needs a few more hours for all you wish to do.

This is when new you starts to come to the forefront. You do not have the energy to devote your entire being to holiday preparations. Select those agenda items that are comfortable and ignore the rest. For you are more exhausted than you realize.

Every year at this time, you are used to running on adrenaline – doing this and that in preparation for the big day or days. Even though it is difficult for you to admit, you barely have the energy or the interest in completing the basics of all you are used to completing.

So you feel guilty.

You must remember you are in a different time and energy level. How would you create the same festivities if you had the flu or some other ailment that forced you to be bedridden? Would you not beg others to forgive you for not being able to produce what you and they expect you to produce? Such is true now. You do not have the energy to both prepare for this energy burst and the 3D holidays.

Rest. That is our only message this week. Rest. Allow yourself to stop being the “energizer bunny” who keeps going despite illness or discomfort. Stop pretending you have more energy or even holiday spirit than you do.

It is time to be honest with yourself as well as others.

Has it seemed more difficult than usual the past few days to feel the holiday spirit? Have you postponed activities you usually completed by this time? Are you lackadaisical about holiday get-togethers? Allow those indicators to be your truth instead of the massive holiday preparations you have expected of yourself for decades.

You are a new being in a new body with new inner directives – the most important of which the next few days is rest. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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