Love is our new reality

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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, May 6th

Dear Ones,

Many of you feel you have skills or abilities you are not utilizing. That somehow you are less than others for they have determined how to best use their abilities during these chaotic times. That they are saving the world and you are treading water waiting for something. Even though you might be enjoying the ‘downtime,’ as it were, you feel you are not contributing by doing so.

You cannot shift the thoughts or actions of anyone. You cannot save anyone, including earth. You cannot make the world a better place by focussing on what is wrong with the world. All those actions are of yesterday’s 3D.

Your role, even though that role might not seem to create what you wish, is to relax, release and flow. None of which you are yet comfortable with within your earth being. And all actions, you believe, of the spiritual realms. Earth living is about pushing and prodding, force and control – 3D actions no longer beneficial to new you or New Earth.

You are searching for a physical action plan – the type you created in 3D that often did little good other than pointing out fears.

Your new you action plan is nonaction. A difficult concept to grasp because for earth eons you were trained to create action plans to alleviate uncomfortable aspects of your life.

New you in New Earth is opposite of what you learned in previous earth lives. So it is the 3D you wants an action plan that will inform you that you are doing a good job. Just being seems counter-productive and counter-intuitive.

You envision angels floating in joy as they help you here and there. Very few of you, if any, have ever imagined angels in pain, fear or crying. Your angels are light, airy and filled with love. And they do not seem to have a great deal to do other than helping you and others as they float hither and yon.

Even though you accept that image of angels, you cannot yet accept the same for yourself. For you divide heaven and earth into worker bees and helper angels. Neither of which applies any longer.

What brings you joy? That is all you need to address at this time. There is no need to be concerned about your role (a 3D worker bee approach) or to ponder your future. Your role – and only role – now is to function in joy.

Some of you continue to release pieces with tentacles to 3D or to address issues unearthed during the last energy burst. That is well and good – as long as you look for and move to personal joy as you do so.

It is no longer necessary to wallow in pain – physical, emotional or spiritual. For you have moved beyond 3D actions of self-pity, painful actions and reactions.

Granted, your life may not yet be exactly what you wish. But instead of pitying yourself, look to that which brings you joy. That is your role now. Find joy in whatever you do, when you interact with others and by just being of the earth during this phenomenal transition.

Joy is the word that bounces off you when you fully love yourself. The laughter that tells you that all is right with your world.

It does not matter what is happening outside of you – such is no longer your concern. For indeed, you have been responsible for everyone – except you. You have been taught to love others and tolerate yourself in so many ways from body image to personal success.

In your 3D world, there was always someone to compete with or beat. And there was always someone you considered less than you so you could feel better about yourself.

So it went on and on for eons as you retaliated against those who did you physical, spiritual or emotional harm only to have them retaliate against you during the same or different earth life. On and on without end – until now.

It is time to claim YOU in all your loving glory – meaning that no one is more perfect than you in this lifetime. Which, of course, has you pointing out this or that person who is wealthier, more beautiful, more successful or healthier.

What you do not yet understand is that they are so for a reason. Follow your joy and you will find self-love telling you in so many ways how marvelous – and yes, lucky you are to be you.

Stop thinking and worrying about others and thereby, allowing yourself the time and energy to care for and love yourself.

Many of you in the United States are concerned about the upcoming political elections – something six months in the future. Growing more anxious daily about who is going to be the next president. Allowing yourself to return to your 3D beliefs that you alone can save the world.

And you can – just not in the way you believed in 3D. Follow your joy. That is all you need to do. Have you ever thought that perhaps political candidates are also shifting? Or that if everyone refuses to follow one person, that person has no power other than with themselves?

So it is we return to – you can do nothing other than following your joy. Anything else smacks of 3D caretaking and victimization – starting the 3D karmic wheel spinning wildly once again. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog and Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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