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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, September 29th, 2017

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel lonely. Even so, do you find yourself agreeing or attempting to blend in despite feelings of something not quite right? And as you do so, do you find that it results in something more pleasant than you expected?

Such does not mean you need to do whatever you used to do and expect different results. But instead, that perhaps your past history colors your anticipation of joy. Perhaps that which used to be uncomfortable is no more.

Such is so for at least two reasons. Maybe you cleared that unpleasant memory or that memory is no longer important enough for you to be concerned about.

You are a different entity than was true even a month ago. That truth is displayed in your actions and reactions. For you cannot know you are different if you continue your life as before.

You are dipping your toes into what has become new you. A new you that is no longer emphasizing the same issues in this lifetime or eons of previous lifetimes. You are a new person within your physical shell.

So it is you are discovering that those objects or entities disruptive to your life in the past have little meaning for you now. Even though you can remember some of the interactions that made those persons or objects unpleasant, they seem abstract, distant, unimportant now. Much as you view one color as beautiful one day and not the next.

You are new you with all of the ramifications of that statement. You no longer play with the toys of your childhood, and you no longer deem grudges and anger of the past – even the recent past – as terribly important. They just are.

You discover that old activities might become new joys – or not. For most Universal channels to date have focused on what you do not wish to do or be thereby encouraging you to clear many fields of fear.

It is time to rediscover you in ways you might be afraid of. Perhaps a person or action harmed you in this lifetime or other lifetimes. So you are afraid to touch them in any way knowing that doing so will be painful – until it is not.

Such is the phase you are now beginning. Addressing fears that are no longer fearful. Understanding that even though your former antagonists might not have shifted, you have. You are no longer a little being bullied by this or that person or activity. You are a god/goddess fully capable of interacting, or not, with anyone or anything.

Of course, you wonder what that concept means if you interact with someone or something that emotionally or physically harmed you in the past – only to have those actions repeated. Likely, you will feel pity for them instead of fear. For you understand that no one or nothing needs to draw entities to them in fear.

Such a statement probably seems too good to be true. That we are forcing you to be hurt once again. Maybe such will happen or maybe not. For you are a new individual and so those pieces that used to draw you to them in pain have lost their power. The pain they create no longer has the same power over you.

Does that mean you will part company with those individuals or items? Perhaps. But because you are claiming your power, it is more likely that your relationship with that item or entity will shift. For if they cannot frighten you, what purpose do you fill in their lives?

You are no longer playing those fear games, so others need to change their game to continue playing with you.

This is an interesting time in your transition. For even though you are shifting from fear to joy – as prophesized – you are doing so without a fight. It just is.

Just as was true when you were in early elementary school, and your best friends changed weekly as you discovered new interests. Unless the people or pieces you interact with give you joy, they will not interest you.

By interacting on a different playing field, as it were, those who once frightened or angered you will likely no longer do so.

If you remember, the earth is your stage of which you are the director and lead actor. Maybe some of those from your fear plays will transition quite nicely into your new joy play – or not.

So it is you are finding yourself ‘walking into the lion’s den’ only to discover that the rules have changed. Not necessarily because others are different, but because you are.

Those who once seemed to be part of your horror drama may become a participant in a comedy or a boring interaction. You are different. So too then must be your interactions. And if you discover yourself saying yes to an invitation with trepidation only to discover that invitation is a pleasant or boring outing, it is to prove to yourself how different you are.

You are no longer you of yesterday. Allow that to be. Then allow yourself to explore that concept in any way you wish knowing that you are a god/goddess of the earth and the Universes. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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