Carina Channels Her Higher Self, January 6th, 2018

Carina Channels Her Higher Self

January 6th, 2018

The old times are in the process of being taken away from you. You leave the old version of yourselves and many of you experience that you are more tired than ever. Many are experiencing hopelessness and a feeling that life is not getting better but worse.

I know that you all have much faith. What is actually happening is that you were placed in energy an “shop” where you are being rebuilt from a three dimensional human to a fifth dimensional human being. The experience that life has come to a stand still has to do with that you have been taken into this “shop” in order to let go of your old self and become reprogramed to the new.

Many of you are experiencing that your energy levels are lower than ever and that your life no longer contains anything that gives you joy or energizes you. If you think back on what has made you joyful and created a high energy feeling in your body and your mind earlier it has mostly been things that you now have realized it is not the truth.

The energy of the New Era has created a new truth for you. Before you have raised your energy, for instance, by hoping that you would experience something special in the future. In other words when you manage to keep your hope up about nice things in the future you have felt good. Your new truth is now that what is happening in the future does not exist, but only that which is now. Clearly this has lowered your energy in your mind and body right now, but when you are ready in the “shop” with yourself your Now will be filled with such things that makes your energy high again.

Another example of feelings that have made you felt high energy earlier is LOVE. Many of you have lived alone, have had shorter relationships or relationships where you have been in love, but put down. You have had an ability to attract a partner who not at all is good for you, but during which time you still have lived in a temporary ruse of love or have had dreams about this love, you have during these times managed to raise you energies. Now you have revealed the truth about the three dimensional love and that your earlier relationships have not at all been good for you, which has lowered your energy level in you mind and body. Most of you have in this moment not a clear understanding what the fifth dimensional love entails, and thus you just feel empty and have low energy right now.

There are many different dreams and hopes about the future that you have lost during the last year and this is a big reason why many of you experience life right now as empty, without content and low on energy. Many of you have minds that are screaming for compensation in order to have the strength to continue having the strength to keep up the energy, and it the reason why food, drinks and pills in different forms are now taking over some. Some of you have bodies whom scream for heavy food, as the bodies themselves are scared to lower their energy level. They associate a low energy level with what happens when a soul leaves its body, when you die and thus demand that you hold up the energy level with heavy food that ground you.

You who can reach your higher self know that it is completely at ease with what is happening now. So, live in the knowing that what is happening right now is completely according to your plan and that you always were completely aware of the fact that the journey on Earth would look exactly like this at this time.

You are not on the wrong path! Everything is progressing exactly as it should and the higher dimensions are very impressed by your efforts and patience. Do the best you can to live your current life on Earth and try to make your life as practical and good as possible right now. You will gradually experience large changes in your feelings. Your view of yourselves has been raised energy wise and strongly strengthened. It is the basis for your New Life. You will love yourselves more than others. You will put yourselves first. You will let go of all emotional responsibilities for other grown humans and you will stop judging and instead love yourself and others without conditions and requirements.


Accept yourself and your life as it looks now and do the best of it.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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