Thoth via Kerstin, January 6th, 2019


January 6th, 2019

Channel Kerstin


Beloveds, the Era has started. The whole Universe is attentively holding its breath in the face of your achievements. You have done it, you have really done it after all the thousands of years in slavery and gathering of experiences.

You are free humans – understand this! You are completely free to create the new reality that you want. The collective consciousness has woken up on Earth. The light from Gaia is shines out in a joyful Universe.

You are all in full swing to recreate the connections with your higher Self and with your dear ones. At the same time you are weaving further the web of threads that go between you all on Earth. The word all includes all, also animals, plants, nature beings and your revered Mother Earth that now has received her rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Ever more of you find the all seeing eye, the Eye of Horus, through your chakra at the forehead and heart. Knowledge returns. The symbol Eye of Horus regains its ancient power and when you find the truth you will also regain your temporarily forgotten knowledge regarding your greatness. You all carry the Divine knowledge and Love within you.

I am happy, touched and proud, when I see how you grow. You grow and spread your light and your knowledge quickly on to those that have not had time to wake up yet. Do not forget that they also are doing their job – a balance is needed so that developments do not go too fast. Help them when they ask for it, the rest of the time be friendly and shine your light and your love.

With admiration and love from your eternal helper, cheer leader and builder of pyramids – Thoth in the time of the Egyptian Era.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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