Love is our new reality

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Conversation with Babaji via Jahn Kassl, June 18th, 2024


Conversation with Babaji

Humanity is awakening to a previously unimaginable extent that is no longer controllable for those forces that oppose it. This is what is happening now – and it is happening with great speed and dynamics. You should focus on this fact when energetic or physical thunderstorm clouds rise and when your mood clouds tarnishes.


The time promised to you …

What’s wrong with the weather?

JJK: What’s wrong with the weather? There are now more and more sudden thunderstorms that break out of nowhere, or “weather lights” that seem strange, even almost threatening. Earthquakes, storms, wildfires, floods and hail with us or volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and wildfires in other latitudes complete the spectrum of the rather unusual “natural phenomena” in frequency and force. When I read the particularly readable book by Dr. Rosalie Bertell “War Weapon Planet Earth” (10) years ago, a light went on. Are the current weather and climate phenomena of natural or unnatural origin?

BABAJI: The earth is making itself new! Man is born again. The wake-up call is made, all changes are underway. The current light and weather phenomena have two causes:

1.) the fact that the earth is renewed and everything bad is released from itself and

2.) the fact that the dark weathermakers go to work.

This means that the change and reorientation of the planet are subject to a light-filled as well as a low-light dynamic and are caused by light forces as well as by unclear forces. In the end, both poles contribute to the success of the ascent and the awakening of people.

Forces that try by all means to keep humanity away from its natural and now burgeing longing for unity, bring about the exact opposite through their hasty and massive actions. In the end, confronting humanity permanently with negative events always leads to people being resisted and thrown back on themselves. Faith in institutions and people is lost. Liberation and self-knowledge always require certain prerequisites and these are given in all areas.

Change without detours

While more and more people are touched by the divine light from the CENTRAL SUN, the forces of the cold light create more and more pressure – and pressure always creates back pressure! This means that the more massive the manipulations are, the easier it becomes for the increasingly clarified people to distinguish the truth from the untruth. They get into gear quickly and they re-eminss on their own power and strength. What we see on earth today is a change without detours.

JJK: That is, the destructive forces are just as important for change as the forces of light!

BABAJI: Their rage of destruction leads to what must be destroyed in order to create good things being destroyed at an unimaginable speed. The systems that have worked so far are dissolving and the dystopian plans are rejected by people. The forces of the cold light are in a dilemma.

This creates panic and leads to hasty actions, which accelerates downfall and ascent alike. It happens what is necessary for the ascent and what lessons are still necessary for the individual. Be sure:

In the end, the destroyers destroy themselves and, through their excess, help the people ready for change to freedom. Whoever creates evil, in this way serves the good in the end.

This is important to see and this answers the question of the meaning of the time phenomena you mentioned at the beginning.

Are weather manipulations real?

JJK: That means the weather manipulations are real?

BABAJI: A fact that initially destabilizes the electromagnetic field of the planet.

However, the change overall is accelerated by this, as a lot of wickedness and negative karma can be redeemed in a very short time. This energy of liberation is necessary to achieve the shift.

All weather manipulations, no matter how much they challenge and affect the individual, increase the energy needed for the ascent. From a higher point of view, the spiritual deput of humanity is accelerated by artificial interventions in the earth’s atmosphere. The forces of the cold light thus achieve the opposite of what they want to achieve.

Humanity is awakening to a previously unimaginable extent that is no longer controllable for those forces that oppose it. This is what is happening now – and it is happening with great speed and dynamics.

You should focus on this fact when energetic or physical thunderstorm clouds rise and when your mood clouds tarnishes.

JJK: So the dark forces serve the light change! Does so much suffering have to happen for this?

Why still so much suffering?

BABAJI: Each discharge serves as a clarification! This also applies to unnaturally induced discharges!

It is about the fact that these strange weather phenomena redeem the unfavorable karma of many timelines. As a time-lapse, entire epochs are healed and contemporary history as a whole is raised to a high-swinging level. Low vibration fields dissolve and this leads to the fact that the people currently embodied can breathe freely, think freely and feel free.

The slavery of humanity ends with a new, free and holistic perception of the individual.

Human consciousness is recalibrated and aligned with what is really.

The suffering that is showing today is the result of still unresolved topics and not the result of new karma. Every person who does serious transformation work knows what it feels like to go through processes – and although stored pain does not always have to be passed through, this is sometimes inevitable. Then, if the soul is to be helped to grow, it is necessary to go through pain one last time in order to transform it.

Please look at current events under this aspect and you will always be able to make the right assignments.

It is important: the unnatural weather phenomena and the climate campaign proclaimed worldwide mean that more and more people are asking the right questions.

People would be easy to win over if they were given their own room for manoeuvre. This has worked well so far.

However, the time window for manipulative interventions is closing and there is a certain urgency in the destructive entities. They put everything at risk and they lose everything in the end.

The light-full intervention like lightless attacks are only two sides of a coin, because after all, both ensure a rapid transition of the earth into the light and the return of people to GOD.

JJK: So it will now happen quite quickly that we get to 5D?

BABAJI: As fast as a time can be imposed on the now.

In the end everything is good, in the end the light wins, in the end love manifests itself in all human hearts – and we get closer to this end in no time.

The quintessence

This is how we have also reached the end of this message and the quintessence of this book:

Blessed are you, who have followed these lines attentively, who are looking for the light in yourself and who understand life outside of yourself as a lesson, as a miracle, as a gift, as a dream that must be lived.

What you are told about change has – depending on the narrative – the value of a good or less good story. However, what change is in truth, you only experience in yourself.

Deep in your heart you remember the time before the birth. You remember the moment when your life was revealed to you and the end of this time was promised: EVERYTHING COMES TO GOOD!

I love you infinitely!