Divine Mother through Linda Dillon, October 18, 2020

Divine Mother through Linda Dillon: Density is Unloving Emotion

Wow, is this passage from the Divine Mother ever timely for me, transitioning from hostility to harmony as I am. The Mother says density is unloving emotions. Period.

And, if we don’t have time to learn how to extricate ourselves from the density we’ve created, she counsels us to simply turn to her and ask: “Mother, turn up the gas!”

How helpful is that? Let me be the first: Mother, turn up the gas!

“Transcript of the Divine Mother: Density is Unloving Emotion; Love is Lightness of Being,” March 6, 2015, channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/06/transcript-of-the-divine-mother-density-is-unloving-emotion-love-is-lightness-of-being/.

Steve Beckow: Can you tell us how is it that density impedes love, light, and consciousness? We could take the example of our dense, Third-Dimensional bodies that we are leaving. What is the process whereby their density impedes love?

Divine Mother: Density is a term, and I will not go into physics, quantum or otherwise.

SB: Yes. You’d lose me if you did.

DM: [laughing] Yes, we would have to have Albert [Einstein] interview me, would we not?

SB: Absolutely.

DM: Or perhaps Stephen Hawking. Yes. [laughing] But we are not asking to do that.

What is density? It is mass. It is what you think of as heavy matter. But it is not real. This is yet another one of the human illusions.

So you say, and I’m not suggesting you are not speaking truth, but truth as you’ve known it [to be] existing. And it is with great glee that I suggest this to you: Density of the human form is caused by unloving emotions.

Now let me clarify one more time. It means emotions that you are trying to ignore, forget, or shove out the love with – unloving emotions, self destructive emotions. You can equate density [with] destruction, self-destruction, collective destruction.

The only time that density – and we use this in a very different reality, and, yes, I will get into the physics then because it is a quantum formula whereby energy can assume form.

The energy particles that make you up are not dense. They are as light as air. They are as sheer as clear water, as clean air.

Density is unloving emotion – petulant, self-destructive, heavy, hateful thoughts. (1) And the most self-destructive, in terms of density, which then of course creates collective destruction, is the self-loathing, the self-hatred, because that is when you are trying to push me out.

And then what it does is it absorbs. It absorbs into the physical form so that you do not feel a lightness of body, you do not feel a lightness of intellect, and you do not feel a lightness of heart or emotion. And eventually what occurs is that you do not feel. And that is very sad. And that is what you are correcting in this Ascension process. So the density is dissolved.

Now here comes the multipurpose love. That density is dissolved by love. It is dissolved by choice. It is dissolved by decision. It is dissolved by joy.

When you are in joy, when you are in love, when you are in purity, even if you are in the proper application and holding of compassion, there is no density – there cannot be in that purity.

Density is one of the creations of the humans to control – it is a complete illusion. …

So what do you do? I offer you a very simple solution. Just turn up the love. Turn to me. If you say, “Mother I am not sure if I know how to do that. I am not sure how to activate all these DNA bundles. I am not sure how to activate all my DNA markers. And I do not have twelve weeks with you to take this class. So what I say to you is simply, ‘Mother turn up the gas.’”

Can that be simpler?