Love is our new reality

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Divine Mother via Jennifer Crokaert, May 20th, 2023

Divine Mother: My beloved sparks of eternal creation, I am over-joyed to be here with you in this moment.

You realise there isn’t one thought I am unaware of, much less the energy – from anger and despair to joy and hope – that is embedded in your prayers/conversations/rants with me! I am here. With you. In every now moment. I am present. Always.

What you experience as the vapours of hope, the frustration, anxiety and despair, are actually the flames that are burning off the 3D. It is pure energy, unbriddled energy, focused on leaving behind the old. Believe it or not, your emotions are burning away the 3D dross.

You have come so far, you think cannot take any more, you think your patience has been exhausted time and again. You are the strongest of the strong. Now is the Present: you are in the unveiling, the revealing. Surely you are starting to see it now?

Jennifer: Hello! I don’t normally interrupt your channels, but …! So many people write to me about their exhaustion, with lives in free fall, overwhelmed by emotions of pain, feeling unable to move, and confused. What can you say that’s practical, helpful, not just ‘cheer on the troops’?

Divine Mother: Your honesty creates freedom. How many of those who write to you are willing to express their honesty? How many are willing to speak their truth to those around them – and in this case, I do not mean world truths. I mean Personal Truths. How many of you are creating uncertainty, anxiety, fear, rage and helplessness as a way of avoiding difficult conversations?

J: It’s like you know me!

DM: I may! I may just know you all. And I would very gently share this with you: most of you have new layers to explore.

By this I mean, you cannot bring anything with you into your crystaline reality that is not aligned with your highest truth. You do not have to be perfect. You do, however, have to take actions and move towards your highest visions. You are seldom as powerless as you make yourselves out to be.

Sometimes, you are looking for the path, thinking ‘I will do/say/be X when I see the pathway through’.

This is 3D thinking: first solution, then action.

It’s the other way: Take action. Then the pathway will be revealed.

As you leave behind the 3D remnents of your identities and lives, you move into your creative divine force.

Pathways are not created for you, they are created by you; by your actions. By your thoughts on the subject, by your words.

You are no longer spiritual children. You are masters. In Mastery you step forward; you do not need to see the path, you trust the journey.

Each one of you has a direct connection to the Divine within you. It’s you imagination. It’s your intuition. It is the subtle signs that reveal themselves right in front of you, nudging you to take the next step and the next.

By all means, get support by talking to others who are like-minded. However, talk is not a substitute for action when you know action must be taken. This is your moment to truly hone your skills, to trust your intuition and to follow through.

J: I hate to say it, but that really applies in my life. I totally get what you’re saying. It’s easier to moan about how hard it is rather than take courageous action aligned with what I know to be true. It’s because it’s so scary to move outside the comfort zones we created when we ‘jumped ship’ on the 3D.

DM: It is. But you cannot take anything of the old with you. It will slow you down and injure you much more if you try to bring it with you: it is like building a 5D mansion on the foundation of a 3D ruin.

Yes, you are being purged of everything that no longer serves you. Yes, it is deeply painful, uncomfortable, even disorientating.

I gently suggest you face that pain, discomfort and disorientation.

You can’t outrun it.

No solar flash will dissolve it for you.

You are called to take action. You are called to live in complete alignment with your Personal Truth.

Following your intuition, wherever it takes you, is standing in your mastery, not just claiming your ascension, but embodying your ascended, 5D self. Ascension isn’t just physical; it’s a mindset, it’s a strength of character, it’s a commitment to exploring and expressing the Divine within in all its guises … not just the aspects you like.

Ascension is an unflinching commitment to the Truth of You. Your Personal Truth.

Your life so far has prepared you for your life now, your Divine knowing of You. Now.

You are never alone. We are always with you, seen and unseen. Ask for our help, allow us to work with you as you move through these last vapours of the old world programming within.

J: Thank you so much.

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