Love is our new reality

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Divine Mother via Susan Sammarco, January 22nd, 2017

“Divine Mother”
I am “Divine Mother’. I fill this room with my beautiful clear blue energy. And fill it too with my aroma of roses. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear and noses to pick that up.

It is my pleasure to be with you today. I love all of you so much. These who have spoken with you today have brought you to the time with the messages necessary. I bring you my love.

Many of you are in your seats and many are on the phones wondering what it is that you bring to the table. Yet it is so much that you sitting there, in all of your glory, bring to the table. I want to assure you that you as an individual are an important part of this puzzle. Your light and frequency shine specifically so that you know you are needed at this point in time.

“Michael” looks through the scope of wars and battles. That is his strength. You may wonder what you do in that and as you come to your awakening you will see that you too, not only in this life, but multidimensional lives, past lives have also been a part of that battle. This is what has bought you your ticket at the table now.

And your ability to move into different circumstances, to imagine yourself as you are spreading love throughout this planet. That is a very different skillset that you have been developing and have developed.

This is your time. As the other two have spoken about you, as you come to the end of this race you may even find yourself being carried over that line, strengthened again and you moving back to pull others forward.

These are important times for all. I want to assure you that you are loved. You are held and you are loved every step of the way. We are glad to be there for you. Please do not think of us as gods on a mountain watching you as you play about your business. That is an old paradigm thought.

We are beside you. We are walking with you. Working with you. We are on one side of this veil. You are on the other that is thinning quickly. You are coming to understand that you are a big part of everything we do.

This is time, my friends, to open up to who you are and what you are and be able to share that in the coming weeks.

We give you our blessings and our love. Thank you.