DokMom via Rene Armstrong, July 8th, 2018


            NU-Generation TRU


GOOD DAY GLOBE!! here to say…

What’s up? If you’re not sure, let me to give you a few clues. It’s ALL up from here. NU-Gen is ready for the Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth. Here it is, and the Truth is… GOOD. Today’s kids can understand it in any form: Abbreviated; Coded; Long & Drawn Out; Short, Sweet & To The Point. They’re Primed & Prepped for it and Framed & Fit for it. They totally get it from the A-Side above or B-Side below, from the Inside or Outside; Choice 1 or Choice 2; Left or Right… and it’s all because they have the Awesome & Amazing ability to Input, Compute, then See in 3-D, with EZE.

Good’s Up, Down, In & Out. Good’s Left, Right, Over, Under, Around & Thru. Good’s Back & Forth, Fore & Aft. Good Is, Good Was & Good WILL BE- ‘CUZ the GOOD NEWS is Good DUZ Good. That’s because GOOD is ALL there IS… for real. After boiling ALL down for years, I finally broke the code. ALL boils down to . One Single . Solitary Point . of GOOD. Period. Call it whatever else you want… a Dot, Speck or Spot… ALL boils down to it. Now you know… and of course, like most things, it was hiding in plain sight all along.


Stop 2 Think… We ALL:

1) Start at Max SELF-Good Point

2) Point SELF Toward More Good

3) Move SELF Toward More Good

4) Adjust SELF To & For Max Good While Moving


We’re ALL People and It’s What We Do. Contrary to what many think, TRUTH is hard to miss. As a matter of fact, it can get downright in your face if you purposely try. How many have thought- “Oh, that will NEVER catch up with me”, and been wrong… real wrong, real fast? Truth often “happens to bubble up” at the worst possible time too I might add. But as a whole, people are working on it and People Are GOOD! Everyone gives all the GOOD they have. Unfortunately, there are those that have far too little of the stuff. But, a tiny bit of GOOD in the right setting grows and grows… and grows.


NU Rx- Get More GOOD and Take Daily!