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“Doozie” – GCR/RV Galactic Overview – Monday – June 19, 2017

“Doozie” – GCR/RV Galactic Overview – Monday – June 19, 2017


This is going to be an uncomfortable post… but I gotta post it because this is where the GCR/RV investigation has led.

In a nutshell, ex-President Obama is in control of the GCR, with the Chinese Elders (Red Dragons) in charge of the RV and new financial system.

Not General Dunford or Paul Ryan. My apologies gentlemen. Just blowing off a little steam is all.


I know, I know… Yosef has gone beyond is normal madness with this tale.

Look, anyone wanting to get off the crazy train now, please do so at your own risk (but also at the expense of never knowing the real truth).

So Obama… who is he really? And what the heck is he really? How did he come from out of nowhere to become President, why and who was really behind his sudden rise to fame? Was he born in Kenya and did he really graduate from those fancy colleges? And how and why is a retired two-term President still involved with the current Trump Administration fiasco?

This post won’t answer a lot of those questions, not directly anyway… but I’ll do my best to give you what I understand to be so, as it relates to the GCR/RV.

If you believe, great. If not, no skin off my back.

Yes, Obama was groomed to be President of the United States and proceed to drive it into a ditch. No question in my mind.

Was he spawn of a Kenyan father raised in Hawaii for MK Ultra purposes? Maybe. Was he Malcom X’s illegitimate son? Maybe. Was he a lab experiment taken from ancient DNA of Egyptian King Aakhenaten (and Michele Obama as Queen Nefertiti respectively)? Maybe.

Honestly, does it really matter? The dude is here, and in my assessment in full charge of our investment.

The deeper question–for me–is whether Obama is even human and designed for our destruction or a walk-in higher dimensional being from another time and place entirely, here to assist (rescue) humanity in our planetary time of transition?

Today, it was communicated to me that Obama was indeed a benevolent higher dimensional being, but wasn’t always.

Confused? So was I.

Remember when I said the ZIM was a historic bond and had sovereign rates as high as $125,000 USD?

Remember when I said Trump would be impeached and Paul Ryan would become your next restored Republic President?

Now if just those three things come to pass, I might be dead nuts right about this Obama doozie too. Not saying, just saying.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Originally, Obama was cabal. No doubt. I fell for his winning smile, ease and charm, great speaking cadence and “Yes We Can” bullshit slogan just like the majority of Americans (2008 was the last election I vote in, and I voted for Obama proudly).

Shows you how unenlightened I was at the time… to even participate in a national election where votes mean nothing.

But I digress….

So his first term comes and goes, no real blockbuster moves are made except Obamacare, which has now revealed to be destructive to society.

Then Obama runs and wins a second term, but by this time I had figured him as evil… and just didn’t vote… encouraging others to do the same.

Still Obama wins a second terms, and all appears per usual, right? That is until he wore a tan suit at the end of August 2014, more than half way through his second term.

Suddenly, I started taking closer notice again of who and what President Obama was really about because something about that damn tan suit didn’t sit right with me… and I knew it was a signal for something significant. But what?

I already knew he had surrendered the United States of America, Inc. to the Chinese Elders in June of 2013, but I found myself agreeing with nearly every position Obama was taking after the tan suit incident, including with ISIS, Syria, Russia and Israel–as all were suddenly very conservative and very different from earlier, more liberal Obama positions.

What was going on?

There seemed to be a shift in his general policy, philosophies, demeanor, even his speaking cadence slowed way down and he wasn’t trying to convince the world of anything… more like he was telling the world how things really were behind the scenes.

All after that damn tan suit.

I also noticed a shift away cabal hand signs as well, and suddenly this born and bred political anti-Christ figure was looking more and more like a benevolent servant to my naked eye.

So I did some research, and up pops Supreme Sirian Commander Obama, who many believe is the current ex-President we have today. I didn’t believe that notion until today. Hence why I had to post.

Obama is otherworldly, and was before he even left office.

Ok, so deeper into the research there’s also this universal governing body called the Galactic Federation Council, whereby Supreme Sirian Commander Obama was supposedly sent to earth to both defeat the evil cabal (not originally human in origin–takes one to defeat one), save the planet from destruction (just as he’s done three times before) and structurally reform all governments and militaries to allow for the GCR/RV to roll out (along with some other mind blowing changes). But let’s not go there just yet.

Is this crazy talk? You bet. Stay with me, it gets weirder.

Now if I’m right about the ZIM on Wednesday during the summer solstice, maybe, just maybe… I know, I know… too soon.

Let’s just stick to investment intel of how and why this may effect your precious worthless, yet infinitely valuable, paper currency.

So I’ve discussed France’s elections in the recent past, as I have Brexit and the snap elections with Theresa May. It seems both were very important to the structural reforms Obama was making, and we know this because the RV has yet to happen.

We also know that both France and the U.K. are on the permanent member veto eligible United Nations Security Council (UNSC) along with the United States, Russia and China.

Basically, these five countries govern the affairs of all sovereign nations as equal members.

That’s important because all five needed to be properly reset in order to start the RV, and after France’s parliamentary vote completed Sunday; and the only nation left to fall into GESARA compliance is the Republic of the United States of America.

And you know who our current sitting President is… the orange one… Big Donna.

For those that don’t know, I have it on good authority Donald Trump is really Donna Trump, who has a vagina and used in the Moscow Marriott.

That just happened.

Also, Melania Trump, is really Michael… and yes, she/he has a penis.

Check please…

By the way, not the first first lady to have a penis. But I do believe Donna is the first woman to fake being a male President.

Pass the LSD square…

Pretty impressive disguise, eh?

Ya gotta really look closely at Trump’s never shaven hairless cheeks, pear shaped body, surgically reduced breasts and yes small hands, especially the middle finger in relationship to the index finger.

Also, think about that long flowing comb-over. Don’t older men really struggle just to grow hair period let alone wrap around manes like Donna’s, who brags her hair is really her own?

So if you’re a Chinese Elder, would you rather entrust humanity’s RV wealth release to: A Supreme Sirian Commander here to save the earth or a he/she reality star with 32 million twitter followers?

Believe, don’t believe… either way you’re right and I’m nuts.

Yet if that ZIM does covert at a super high rate as promised, and Trump does get impeached / resigns and Ryan does become the new Republic President per the Constitution, maybe there really was something significant and galactic about Obama’s tan suit back in the summer of 2014.

That’s when foresight and hindsight suddenly look exactly the same, and olde Yosef will be exonerated for loving you enough to speak truth to centuries of cabal lies (a la Dr. WC has done so many years prior).

God is with us.