Love is our new reality

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Dr. Peebles via Natalie Gianelli, July 25th, 2021

Dr. Peebles ~ Beyond the “Wounded Healer”

July 24, 2021

~ From a recent personal reading with Dr. Peebles ~ Channeled by Natalie Gianelli ~ ~

“The first thing to remember is that even when you call it a wound, that this is not something bad that needs to be fixed. This is just something that is revealing itself that wants to be healed, wants to be transmuted.”

I told Dr. Peebles that I often felt like the prototypical “wounded healer” because I don’t feel whole enough to help myself, let alone others. This is his response. (See also my related article from July 23.)

Dr. Peebles: We honor this, my dear. Something we want to remind you, so that you can be more gentle with yourself, is that those who are wanting to heal, those who are called to heal upon the Planet Earth, will always be the ones who feel the wounds the deepest.

Right now, the mind says, I am still the wounded healer. I am still feeling the emotional wounds. I am not fit to heal others.

This is never the case. The work becomes, can you show up to the Love, the love in allowance to yourself, in the same ways, or even more adamantly than, you [show up] to the wounds of others?

The first thing to remember is that even when you call it a wound, that this is not something bad that needs to be fixed. This is just something that is revealing itself that wants to be healed, wants to be transmuted.

So it’s important that when you see the wounds in yourself, or the wounds in others, the slavery of your own mind, the slavery of others, this is not bad. This is still Consciousness. This is still God. All of it is God. None of it is not God. There is nowhere where God is not. This is important.

So indeed, my dear, how do you want to show up to it? You can’t show up to it trying to fix that which you think is wrong. Instead, show up to say, how can I bring love, peace, harmony, joy, hopefulness, to the moment that I’m in? Let me bring it, let me be it, let me acknowledge it within myself.

And this is helpful. So you show up not by trying to fix something but you show up by being the energy of what you want to see.

So for you, what we want for you to focus upon is not “how do you get from A to B,” but “how do you embody B, right now.” And if you’re working upon that, then indeed, you have gotten the trick of the trade to healing.

You have heard of many great healers that have walked your Planet Earth, Yeshua, the Christ, being one of them. And indeed, Yeshua, Jesus, did not heal by trying to turn the sick into the healed, but in seeing the Point B, and seeing the healed, the wholeness, within individuals. Seeing it already.

So, put your focus not upon, necessarily, how to fix what is wrong, how to stop the enslavement, but instead how to beam, become, radiate, the truth of who you are. The Love, the love in allowance, the peace, etc. And this will refocus a little bit.

It’s also going to be very, very healing for you, especially to the Inner Child, because as you’re practicing this, the little girl within will be reminded constantly, “I’m already that which the mind thinks I’m not. I’m already that which the mind has been trying to get me to. I’m already that.”

And so she feels whole and fulfilled, instead of broken, “on her way to perfection.” Do you understand?

CV: I do, but I’m puzzled then about what you said earlier, that I should look into breath work, or some kind of emotional release therapy, because to me that seems contradictory to “being in the moment” and “already being at Point B.”

Dr. P: God bless you indeed, we honor it. So let us give you our perspective.

Essentially, it is contradictory. So you’re quite right. We recommend the breath work and the emotional release because, when you’re attempting to do this, when you’re working upon this aspect of Self, but you have levels or layers of the emotional work, or the emotions that have been stuck, then it is a little bit more difficult to access the beingness in its entirety.

A little bit like, if we ask for you to sit down and enjoy a wonderful meal, but you’ve got a very strong cramp in your foot. Or you’ve got a sliver in your finger that keeps being irritated by where your fork is being held. Then it’s difficult for you to enjoy the meal.

But if you were to release the cramp or to take the sliver out and put a little bandage upon the finger, then it’s much easier for you to enjoy the meal.

So for you, even when we talk about the emotional release and the breath work to get you truly back in your body…are these things necessary? No. Because you are already the essence of God.

But—you don’t believe it. The mind will tell you, you don’t believe it.

So is it necessary to take the splinter out of your finger to enjoy the meal? No, it is not. You can absolutely enjoy the meal without taking away the splinter. But it takes a lot of presence.

The guru can meditate in the middle of a rainstorm or a traffic jam. But it takes a lot of practice to do this.

So while one is learning, begin to gently dissolve the distractions. While you’re learning, as you begin to do some of the emotional release work and the breath work, what it does is essentially, it takes away the distractions, it releases some of the pressure. And it allows for the mind to just put its feet up a little bit, so that the heart can really come forward.

You’re not broken, you’re not missing anything. Anything that feels like that is indeed a perception of the mind. It’s what you were told, it’s what other individuals have shown to you, it’s a version of this.

But none of it is true. It’s all God, it’s all God. But indeed, a little bit here…yes, it’s just like taking the splinter out. Right now, it’s a little helpful here, so that you can enjoy the meal.

Is it necessary? No. But it’s helpful along the way, d’you understand.