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Elthor the Dragon via Galaxygirl, September 8th, 2018

Elthor the dragon 9/8/18

I am Elthor the dragon. Beyond time and space, from the beginning it seems to us, we dragons were. For we are an ancient race infused with the wisdom and creative touch of Source from long ago.

We watch humanity with keen interest at this time as many more of you are waking up and realizing you are a part of the greatest show in the universe. And as you wake up you begin to see the delusions surrounding you and it can cause one to pause, to take stock, to be alarmed. Humans, awakened ones, this is why you came. As the financial system resets, the world resets and the dark ones flee or try to, and you will have new tools to create with and create you will. This time of cosmic unease, upheaval, that is currently your experience and reality need not linger longer.

We dragons see all things with our all seeing golden eyes of the Christed light. We dragons have missed our interactions with our human friends and we eagerly and happily return to our favorite planet Gaia, for her green forests and blue mountain peaks are unmatched. We dragons love heights, we love beauty, we love with the purified type of love that only comes with time and experience. We are ancient creatures from the birth of time. Some have called us Time Lords for we roam the timelines and speed in and out with ease. It is nothing to us. We are mighty creatures. I, Elthor, come here today humans, to tell you that you are the same. You also are mighty and if you are awakened you feel this, you know this, and you are becoming this more powerful version of you that always was and has been, but forgot for awhile. This is the Earth experience. To forget and to remember and to reclaim your power (roaring)! So claim it! No more complaining about situations that you can change. Be the change human and all things will come to you for these are the new times, the new energies. The wind is at your back and you are learning to soar upwards on the currents of the new energies.

So stretch your wings and fly with me. Fly with me now and let us do a little exercise in dragon endurance. We are going to fly high and fast today. We are going to race a comet, one of my favorite things to do by the way. It is a marvelous stress reliever! And you humans are too stressed. Enough of this. There are plenty of comets to chase in the cosmos, and it is predictable if you know their orbits, which of course we do. For we are the comet chasers. It is our sport. We are perched on a large ancient log that bridges a crevasse with swift white water flowing beneath. You are in a pristine forest of beauty and here you can feel the heartbeat of the Mother and hear her song, for this ancient remembering is within you, if you but tap into it and remember. Stop. Feel the music of nature around you. Hear the bird songs. Feel the mist on your feet from the white water below. See the woody grains on which you perch – an ancient tree of old that is older than you, and has seen much. Feel the wisdom from the rocks that surround you on their mountainous peaks and be. We are in ancient Lumeria, a pristine untouched place where the elementals linger and laugh and where perhaps you used to frequent with us, the dragon guardians of Lumerian times.

After you have soaked this up enough to become refreshed are you ready to fly with me? Look to your sides. You have mighty strong wings! Stretch them out and test them. Feel the wind beneath them. Test the currents. It is time. We soar up, up – up through the forest careful to avoid the towering trees but close enough to feel their welcoming and we go up up into the clouds now. The mist feels wonderful on your sturdy dragon skin. Still higher through the spheres and now we see wormholes – golden tunnels of shimmering diamond light that glimmer and morph, dodge and disappear. You look for the address that you desire to experience and you fly in. And whoosh – faster than ever you have gone before as a human you go and you see the crystallized sides of the wormhole with rainbow hues unknown in your world and you feel the spin, the exhilaration and it is indeed a rush of rushes.

Suddenly we stop. It is a dark void, a pause. Feel the pause human, for you humans do not pause enough.

We see now our favorite comet approaching – icy, fierce and surrounded in cosmic energy. We hear the comet’s song and we join in, chasing the tail of fire behind throughout space, and sometimes throughout time should we choose. Human you can choose to stretch time – have you tried this yet? It is time to stretch your powers and to test them. For they are ready for you to experience again. Fly with me as long as you like. Chasing comets is great release. Comets stir the energies of the universe. They are like great spoons that stir the bowl… Picture a Tibetan singing bowl as the universe. Comets ride the rim creating sound and harmony, tuning and returning, always in joy. The dark ones have tired to harness the energies of the comets and they cannot. They are holy.

Refreshed? Let us return to our wormhole and blast back to your home world. Alight where you like. I am Elthor the dragon. Be refreshed human for your glory days are here now should you choose to uncover them. Unwrap this present from the universe. It is yours to keep and experience and enjoy. I am Elthor the dragon. I depart in peace.

~ galaxygirl