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Father Absolute – Window On New World (Energy Trap For Chaotic Thoughts), September 8th, 2023


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will talk about the way you can avoid the influence of controlled chaos on you both at the energy and physical level.

If you regularly purify your energy space and subtle bodies from all kinds of negative energies and alien programmes, it will be a great preventive measure against any influence on you.

But so as to make yourselves even safer, you can use the following practice that is quite possible to be done on the go.

We will call it “Energy trap for chaotic thoughts”.

And this is what it is about.

As soon as you feel that your thoughts start “rushing” chaotically from one issue to another, especially if they feature a negative character, try to visualize an energy trap that you drive them into.

In other words, instead of resisting them and getting annoyed with yourselves because you cannot tame them let the situation go and then let them finish their way in your trap.

Turn it into a game imagining as vividly as possible how all your unharmonious thoughts are attracted as if by a magnet to the opening of your trap.

You can even put some treat as a lure there and imagine the thoughts themselves as living creatures, who they actually are, since they were bred by your energy.

As soon as the door of your imagined trap closes behind the last thought that was stirred by your negative emotions, send the Flame of Universe Love to follow it so that it can purify the contents of the trap transforming them into primordial Divine energy.

After this you will feel your consciousness getting amazingly relieved – your head enlightened in the direct meaning of it.

And so as to consolidate this condition, you can fill your consciousness with new thoughts and affirmations of a positive – constructive – character having rendered them emotionally coloured with the Energy of Ascension.

Put all your Love and Faith into them in terms of promptest liberation of Earth and humanity from controlled chaos that was initiated by the representatives of the deep state.

The advantage of this practice is that you are not forced into certain frames but are facilitated with unlimited opportunities for fantasy and creativity.

This is independent energy work that you are quite mature for and I believe you can manage it.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you