Love is our new reality

Gadabov from Sirius via Carina Davidsson, May 10th, 2018

Gadabov from Sirius

May 10th, 2018

Channel: Carina Davidsson

Good morning to all of you!

I am Master Gadabov and I come from the highly ascended civilization of Sirius. I have a message to all of you that I wish to share by letting this channel make a debut in our transmission of energy.

The energies that enter your sphere now are highly compatible with the energy that is our normal status on Sirius. We have come here in our green energy bodies in order to share our knowledge of healing and microscopic observations. I am a healing being who is looking to connect with all those among you who wish to receive our healing knowledge.

Give me access to the energy sphere where you are in this world and let me transmit the knowledge that you already now are ready to receive.

The love in the new times is a completely different type of energy than you have experienced earlier. In the old era love was something that could in many ways be replaced. In the form of many types of substitutes you have vandalized the love that you believed was the true object of freedom and compassion. However, with the new energy wave that now is arriving your picture of love will change in the most fantastic direction.

Then what is it that is changing for you right now. You have never longed as much for peace and freedom as you do now. You have chosen to enter the new times of love in order to recreate and further develop yourselves as individuals with souls on the planet of all planets that truly has the most fantastic planetary position and properties of all the planets that you have seen in your dimension. You have so much to feel joy for and feel gratitude for that which you up to now have not been able to take in and transmit to yourselves and others.

Jointly with others you can start to love yourselves, your lives and those that you have around you in a way that you previously have not been able to, since the energies were not sufficiently high. Let us give you your true vision back! Let us be part of your ascension to the level of love where you not only heal yourselves, but also those and that which you have around you! Let all parts of you be in peace by turning yourself over to you higher sphere of love! Be in unison about you having the most fantastic gifts of God in and around you and that you in truth never has been anybody else than your own God of energetic healing.

You have received us within you by giving you access to your energy. We are very powerful in our assistance to start your own healing process. During the time that you have lived it has been driven home to you that you have a powerful being exterior to you called God, and to whom you can turn yourself over to and let him heal you and carry your burdens. In truth this God has never been in any other flow than your own, and you are yourselves the one who hold the power of God.

It is you who must give us permission to help you start up your own healing at a level you are ready for. There is nobody else but you that can take on your own life work here on Earth and you should not for a second any more doubt that you have the power to change yourself and your life. To be aware of this truth requires energetic courage as your earlier perceptions have made you powerless, but also completely free of responsibility of the fact that you create your own life and must make your own choices.

To be in the new era makes you powerful and strong, but if you choose to remain in the old perceptions that you yourselves have nothing at all to do with the creation of your life you will be heading into a heavy period of time until you perceive the truth in the right way. Let us help you to let go of your fears to step forward as your own creator. Let us help you to make the highest and best decisions that you must make in order to enter the new times and to take back the power that is YOU. Give us the possibility to communicate with you in a way that suits you best right now. Give us the opportunity and you will start to create your own changes in your own life.

To dream has been an important part in your previous life. These dreams can now start to become your physical reality in parallel with you making your own decisions that this will be allowed. Have no fear dear humans. We are from the higher civilization of healing and we love you on a planetary level, which you cannot yet understand. Allow us to help you so that you together with fantastic Gaia can ascend into the kingdom of heaven, which is your obvious place, right and status.

We are the “green people” from Sirius and we love you dearly!





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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