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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, May 6th, 2018

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I come today to let you humans understand what it is that is happening in your world. The strong light is now impacting every soul on your Earth and it can become a little tumultuous within you. Some souls enter a crisis, as they have no understanding of what hit them. Their souls have not been put in the drivers seat and they have no ability to influence what is happening in the temple that they now inhabit. Other souls that have found their leadership role can more easily maneuver their body and give an understanding of what is happening in the temple they inhabit.

It is now important for lightworkers to take care of themselves and ride out the storm so that they can be the temple for others in the changing world that is now at the door. Take good care of yourselves dear humans. There is now much that is being brought to the surface, both old and new. The light comes as a liberation, but it can also be heavy, if you have not had time to work on some of the issues that you have created for yourselves during the years gone by. It can also be earlier life experiences. The experiences you got as a child usually derive from earlier lives. They can also be the ones that are the hardest to let go of.

Focus on bringing in the violet flame and let it heal your body inside out. If you need professional help look for it. Try to find your own path. Do not feel as you failed, what is happening is a result of the strong light that shines over your world today. It wakes up all that earlier has not woken up and it can be hard to handle these strong energies. All you who already have worked with yourselves have an edge today. You are neither better or worse than others, but you are the pioneers that your Earth and your humanity need right now. You can consciously take in the light and heal everything that is left in your temple. Then you can be the support pillars that the rest of humanity so much needs now. They can then see that there is a way out from their worries and that everything can become so much better.

I want you to ponder your heart and the path you choose and to choose it very carefully. All paths that you choose have an impact today. This means that the right way for you is the one that makes you feel the best. If you choose completely the wrong path it can be difficult as the strong energy on Earth has the effect that it will hit back strongly at you. Can you now understand your task? You must be the good role model that your world will crave, as those who have not woken up easily can fall into their own chaos. Be sensitive, compassionate and loving! Above all take care of yourselves first so that you will have the force with you, as you carry out your work here on Earth.

It is important so that as many as possible remain steady in the light and let it work through you so that you can be the light beings on Earth that it right now needs so much – The pillars that hold the foundation on which the new Earth is built. It is big task that you have taken on, but you have the strength that is required to carry out this noble task. You receive all the support you need so call on us and ask for help if you feel that you would need a little extra support in a difficult situation. We help you to solve it and give you the true and sincere answers that you need so that you can grow in your consciousness and move on in your service here on Earth.

I am happy and grateful to be able to bring forward this message today. I hope that it can be of some help and give an understanding of the many things that now is happening on Earth – primarily that which is happening on the individual level.

However, we should not forget that many exciting things are happening all over the Earth today. Foremost of these is the work that will lead to peace for all peoples on Earth. It is a grand and important work that now has gotten a push in the right direction.

I send you all my strength to help you forward during the last part that remains.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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